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The scholarship may gets fund by the industry partner, or co-funded by the industry partner and Griffith University.

The scholarship may be available for up to three years of full-time study for a doctoral program. The industry top-up funds vary between each arrangement. A six-month extension may be available to doctoral candidates in certain circumstances.

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Griffith Industry PhD Scholarship Scheme

Fully industry funded project (including options for industry partner’s employees)

ModelFunding support from industryFunding support from Griffith
Model A (Industry-funded stipend)Full or partial stipend scholarship, or employer may continue to pay salary if applicant is an employee (minimum $35,000 per annum)A top-up scholarship, project funding, providing funding to the employer, or other incentive may be awarded as a package with the industry funding. International candidates may be awarded a tuition scholarship.

Co-funding project

ModelFunding support from industryFunding support from Griffith
Model B (Industry top-up / co-funding stipend)Minimum stipend scholarship of $10,000 per annumFull or partial scholarship may be awarded as a package with the industry funding where the arrangement meets the RTP industry weighting criteria. International candidates may be awarded a tuition scholarship.

Why collaborate ?

Candidates who undertake their doctoral studies in collaboration with an external organisation receive:

  1. Access to industry facilities, technology and equipment
  2. Access to industry expertise, real-world problems, information, and data for research application
  3. Opportunity for professional development
  4. Professional development opportunities
  5. Potential future employment opportunities
  6. Relevant organization experience to suit your career aspirations
  7. Opportunity for increased scholarship stipend.

How to find a partner

There are several ways you can find an industry partner to collaborate with such as:

  1.  Utilizing your networks—contacting an industry partner and collaborate on a project idea together (this may be your employer who could support you during your studies)
  2. Utilizing the networks of your supervisor—working as a team to approach and collaborate on a project proposal for an industry partner
  3. Applying to undertake a project through an advertised industry partnership

Eligible external organisations

An industry partner/external organization (also known as a research end-user) is any entity (nationally or globally) outside of and not owned by a university, such as:

  1. Private enterprises, start-ups, and businesses
  2. Not-for-profit organizations and charities
  3. Government (local, state, and federal)—this includes entities such as CSIRO
  4. Community groups and organizations.

Excluding Entities from this definition are:

  1. Other higher education providers
  2. organizations that are affiliates, controlled entities or subsidiaries (such as medical research institutes) of a higher education provider
  3. Equivalents (nationally or globally) of the above exclusions.


An applicant for admission as a PhD candidate shall hold:

  1. A Bachelor degree with first-class honours (normally required for Model B); or
  2. A Bachelor degree with second-class honours (Division A) (normally required for Model A); or
  3. A Masters degree incorporating a significant research component, from a recognised institution; deemed to be of a comparable standard; or
  4. A record of research, or a qualification granted by a professional or other body deemed to be of a comparable standard.

The selection of applicants for the award of higher degree research scholarships at Griffith University involves consideration of your academic merit and research background.

How to Apply

In the Research Scholarships Table, available opportunities are present. Please refer to each offering for entry requirements. The requirement for the applicants is to lodge an expression of interest and if selected as the preferred candidate, will then be invited to apply for the program and scholarship.

Or, if you have found an industry partner (for example your employer) with whom you wish to collaborate, please find a supervisor on Griffith Experts and pursue the organization together. Griffith supervisors can find information on how to organize an industry doctoral project on the web page.

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