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Students residing outside of the EU/EEA nations must apply for a student visa in Finland. Here are the measures to take if you want to receive a residence permit in Finland. Applicants can apply online or offline.


Step 1: The first step is to complete the Residence Permit form on the Finland Immigration website. Fill out the form as prompted and carefully. The form can be filed online or in person at the Finnish Embassy in your country.

Step 2: You will have to submit a set of supporting documents with your application for a residence permit in Finland. Here is a list of the documents that are usually necessary.

1. Completed the application form.

2. Acceptance letter from the university you applied to.

3. Proof of monetary funds necessary (6270 euros per year).

4. Provide a valid passport and pictures.

5. Receipt for application fees paid (€330 for paper-based and €300 for online).

6. Proof of valid health insurance coverage for at least a year.

Step 3: You must submit the application form and all relevant documentation to the nearest embassy during working hours. Even if the student submitted for a Finland Residence Permit electronically, document verification in person is required for the application to progress.  

Step 4: The next step is to submit your biometric information to the embassy. Biometrics include the candidate’s fingerprints and photos. Again, regardless of the application mode, biometrics must be in person at the embassy.

Once everything is in place, the visa application procedure takes 60 days. Once the Finland Student Permit is obtained, the candidate receives notice via email, and it can be collected at the embassy or mailed to them.

Work Permit and Student Visa for Finland

International students in Finland can work part-time, for an average of 25 hours per week. There are no restrictions on working during holidays or when terms are not in session. After finishing your studies, you can extend your student visa or residence permit in Finland for a year. Students must request an extension of their residence permission before their original permit expires.

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