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Károli Gáspár University, established in 1993, is a prominent Hungarian university that adheres to the Protestant Reformed tradition. It is located in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. The university bears the name of Gáspár Károli, a 16th-century figure who translated the Bible into Hungarian. This task had a significant impact on the language and cultural advancement of Hungary. The university seeks to give students a holistic educational experience that combines academic brilliance with Christian ideals. The Reformed Church runs it in Hungary. Károli gáspár university of the reformed church in hungary Social & Behavioural Science Programs offers a dynamic education that prepares students for an interconnected and diverse world.

károli gáspár university of the reformed church in hungary
károli gáspár university of the reformed church in hungary

Budapest-based Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary is a distinguished establishment with a long history of spiritual and intellectual advancement. The university’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences provides a wide range of undergraduate programs in the social and behavioral sciences, all aimed at giving students the in-depth knowledge and valuable skills they need to comprehend and deal with the complex issues surrounding social dynamics and human behavior.

The thoughtfully structured curriculum spans a wide range of subjects, from psychology and sociology to social work and educational sciences. These programs aim to develop critical thinking and ethical reasoning while exploring social concerns of modern cultures. Károli gáspár university of the reformed church in hungary Social & Behavioural Science Programs is deeply committed to fostering a holistic perspective beyond the classroom, infusing Christian values that advocate for social justice, compassion, and community service, inspiring students to make a positive impact in society. 

List of Social & Behavioural Science Programs

Postgraduate Programs

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