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Located in Sudbury, Ontario, Laurentian University is a thriving institution that boasts academic excellence and cultural diversity. Founded in 1960, the university offers a welcoming and inclusive learning environment surrounded by the gorgeous scenery of Northern Ontario. Laurentian University offers challenging coursework and research opportunities and celebrates bilingualism with English and French as official languages. The university has a rich history rooted in French-Canadian heritage. The institution promotes an innovative and curious mindset through joint research projects and advanced labs.

Laurentian University
Laurentian University

Laurentian University provides an extensive array of undergraduate legal degrees to accommodate students with a wide range of interests and professional goals in the legal industry. University offers undergraduate legal studies programs that equip students with a solid legal foundation, analytical skills, and practical experience necessary for success in various legal professions. These programs integrate legal studies with other academic disciplines, such as history and economics, emphasizing interdisciplinary approaches. This multidisciplinary approach places legal issues within larger societal, political, and economic frameworks, which enhances students’ comprehension of the law.
To promote a comprehensive awareness of the law’s role in forming society. It encourages students to investigate the intricacies of legal systems and their interconnections with other social institutions. Undergraduate legal studies at Laurentian University offer a demanding and thought-provoking curriculum that covers a broad range of legal subjects, such as criminal law, contract law, property law, and constitutional law. Under the direction of seasoned professors and legal professionals, students participate in dynamic class debates, compete in moot court competitions, and complete practical learning opportunities like externships, internships, and research projects.

List of Law Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationThesis -NonthesisDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthDeadline DateFee Per Year
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Equity, Diversity, & Human RightsEquity, Diversity, & Human RightsNon-ThesisLawbachelors4January,September,15-August,15-April,27258
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Law & JusticeLaw & JusticeNon-ThesisLawbachelors4January,September,15-August,15-April,27258
Bachelor of Equity, Diversity, & Human RightsEquity, Diversity, & Human RightsNon-ThesisLawbachelors4january,September,15-August,15-April,27258
Bachelor of Law & JusticeLaw & JusticeNon-ThesisLawbachelors4January,September,15-August,15-April,27258

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