London Metropolitan University Arts & Humanities Undergraduate Programs

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London Metropolitan University is a shining example of academic quality diversity in center of one of fastest-growing cities on Earth. Although founded in 2002, the university has roots dating back to the middle of the 19th century. London Met provides a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs in several areas. Including the arts, business, law, health, and social sciences, focusing on social justice and accessible education. The institution offers students a dynamic and inclusive academic environment enhanced by London’s multiculturalism and bustling cultural scene. A worldwide hub of culture, innovation, and opportunity. London Metropolitan University, dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, and community involvement. Equips its graduates with the skills they need to succeed in the rapidly evolving 21st-century environment. London Metropolitan University gives students a comprehensive and engaging educational experience by offering various undergraduate programs in the humanities and arts.

London Metropolitan University
London Metropolitan University

These courses, which include anything from media studies to fine art to history to English literature, encourage imagination, critical thinking, and cross-cultural understanding. Students participate in lively debates, practical projects, and experiential learning opportunities to expand their knowledge and appreciation of the arts and humanities. Under the direction of knowledgeable instructors actively involved in research and practice. Students gain access to cutting-edge facilities, individualized mentoring, and chances for internships and partnerships with creative sectors and cultural institutions. Graduates of the undergraduate Arts and Humanities programs at London Metropolitan University have the knowledge, perspectives, and enthusiasm to pursue careers as writers, artists, historians, or media professionals.

List of London Metropolitan University Arts & Humanities Undergraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Bachelor of Creative Writing & English Literature (Hons)Creative Writing & English LiteratureArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,17500
Bachelor of Digital Media (Hons)Digital MediaArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,16000
Bachelor of Fashion (Hons)FashionArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,17500
Bachelor of Fashion Marketing & Journalism (Hons)Fashion Marketing & JournalismArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,16000
Bachelor of Fashion Photography (Hons)Fashion PhotographyArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,17500
Bachelor of Fashion Textiles (Hons)Fashion TextilesArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,17500
Bachelor of Film & Television Studies (Hons)Film & Television StudiesArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,16000
Bachelor of Games Animation, Modelling & Effects (Hons)Games Animation, Modelling & EffectsArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,16000
Bachelor of Graphic Design (Hons)Graphic DesignArts & Humanitiesbachelors3January,September,17500
Bachelor of Illustration & Animation (Hons)Illustration & AnimationArts & Humanitiesbachelors3January,September,17500
Bachelor of Journalism (Hons)JournalismArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,16000
Bachelor of Journalism Film & Television Studies (Hons)Journalism Film & Television StudiesArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,16000
Bachelor of Media & Communications (Hons)Media & CommunicationsArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,16000
Bachelor of Media & Marketing (Hons)Media & MarketingArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,16000
Bachelor of Music Technology & Production (Hons)Music Technology & ProductionArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,16000
Bachelor of Photography (Hons)PhotographyArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,17500
Bachelor of Retail Design (Hons)Retail DesignArts & Humanitiesbachelors3January,September,17500
Bachelor of Textiles (Hons)TextilesArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,17500
Bachelor of Theatre & Film (Hons)Theatre & FilmArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,17500
Bachelor of Theatre & Performance (Hons)Theatre & PerformanceArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,17500
Bachelor of Translation (Hons)TranslationArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,16000
Bachelor of Youth Work with Jnc Recognition (Hons)Youth WorkArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,16000

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