Manchester Metropolitan University Health & Medicine Postgraduate Programs

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Manchester Metropolitan University, founded in 1970, is a renowned academic institution in the United Kingdom that offers various programs, including education. The Manchester Metropolitan University Health & Medicine Postgraduate Programs enjoys an excellent track record for offering broad, modern postgraduate programs in health and medicine. That gives students a firm grounding for success in the changing and dynamic healthcare industry. The university, dedicated to promoting excellence in education, provides various innovative programs that skillfully combine academic theory with practical experience. Manchester Metropolitan University health programs offer essential knowledge and skills for success in healthcare.


Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) is a shining example of excellence in health and medicine, providing a wide range of postgraduate courses to push medical professionals to new limits in knowledge and leadership. These doctoral programs offer a strong foundation for advanced study, research, and the development of specialized skills. They carefully designed them to meet the changing needs of the healthcare sector. The dedication to expanding healthcare knowledge and practice is at the core of MMU’s postgraduate offerings in health and medicine.

The programs cover many academic subjects, such as public health, clinical research, healthcare administration, and expertise medical fields. Due to program diversity, postgraduate students can customize courses for their desired leadership, research, or specialized clinical practice careers. MMU’s postgraduate health programs integrate modern research, distinguishing them with this feature. Strongly encourage doctoral students to undertake research projects, contributing to improving healthcare knowledge and practice in progress. Modern research facilities and a robust research culture at the university guarantee that students are at the forefront of innovation in their fields.

List of Manchester Metropolitan University Health & Medicine Postgraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of Adult NursingAdult NursingHealth & Medicinemasters2February,19000
Master of Advanced PhysiotherapyAdvanced PhysiotherapyHealth & Medicinemasters1September,17000
Master of Biomedical ScienceBiomedical ScienceHealth & Medicinemasters1September,19000
Master of Clinical BiochemistryClinical BiochemistryHealth & Medicinemasters1September,19000
Master of Design for Health WellbeingDesign for Health WellbeingHealth & Medicinemasters1September,19000
Master of Design for Health WellbeingDesign for Health WellbeingHealth & Medicinemasters1September,19000
Master of Food Science & InnovationFood Science & InnovationHealth & Medicinemasters1September,17000
Master of Haematology & Transfusion ScienceHaematology & Transfusion ScienceHealth & Medicinemasters1September,19000
Master of Human NutritionHuman NutritionHealth & Medicinemasters1September,17000
Master of Human PhysiologyHuman PhysiologyHealth & Medicinemasters1September,19000
Master of Medical MicrobiologyMedical MicrobiologyHealth & Medicinemasters1September,19000
Master of Medicinal & Pharmaceutical ChemistryMedicinal & Pharmaceutical ChemistryHealth & Medicinemasters4September,18500
Master of Mental Health Nursing Mental Health Nursing Health & Medicinemasters2February,19000
Master of Occupational Safety, Health & EnvironmentOccupational Safety, Health & EnvironmentHealth & Medicinemasters1September,17000
Master of Pre Registration PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapy Health & Medicinemasters2September,19000
Master of Pre Registration DieteticsPre Registration DieteticsHealth & Medicinemasters2January,19000
Master of Public Health in Global Public HealthGlobal Public HealthHealth & Medicinemasters1January,17000
Master of Speech & Language Therapy Speech & Language TherapyHealth & Medicinemasters2September,19000
Master of Sport & Exercise PsychologySport & Exercise PsychologyHealth & Medicinemasters1September,17000
Master of Sport & Exercise MedicineSport & Exercise MedicineHealth & Medicinemasters1September,17000
Master of Sport & Exercise ScienceSport & Exercise ScienceHealth & Medicinemasters1September,17000

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