Middlesex University Business & Management Postgraduate Programs

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Tucked away bustling metropolis of London, Middlesex University is a thriving, forward-thinking establishment valued for its dedication to diversity. Founded in 1878, Middlesex University is a cutting-edge institution. Offering diverse programs equipping students with skills for success in the modern world. The institution commits to training students for meaningful professions and contributions to society. Emphasizing cutting-edge research, industrial connections, and a global perspective. To develop the next generation of leaders and innovators. Middlesex University offers an engaging atmosphere where creativity, critical thinking, and real-world application come together. Management and Business at Middlesex University The Postgraduate Programs attest to the organization’s dedication to promoting excellence in the business domain.


These programs provide a life-changing educational experience for professionals and scholars seeking advanced skills.
The curriculum, meant to improve students’ practical skills and theoretical understanding, covers various topics like marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, and strategic management. Postgraduate students actively participate in cutting-border research and practical initiatives under the direction of a distinguished faculty of accomplished academics and practitioners. Middlesex University’s loyalty to industry importance equips postgraduate students for leadership positions in the ever-changing business world. With access to cutting-edge resources, industry ties, and a global network, PhD students are prepared to contribute significantly to success and innovation.

List of Middlesex University Business & Management Postgraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of Arts ManagementArts ManagementBusiness & Managementmasters1September,15700
Master of Banking & FinanceBanking & FinanceBusiness & Managementmasters1October,16800
Master of Branding & Marketing CommunicationBranding & Marketing CommunicationBusiness & Managementmasters1September,16800
Master of Business AdministrationBusiness AdministrationBusiness & Managementmasters1October,19000
Master of Business Information Systems ManagementBusiness Information Systems ManagementBusiness & Managementmasters1September,October,15700
Master of Digital MarketingDigital MarketingBusiness & Managementmasters1January,October,16800
Master of Financial ManagementFinancial ManagementBusiness & Managementmasters1October,16800
Master of Global Supply Chain ManagementGlobal Supply Chain ManagementBusiness & Managementmasters1September,October,16800
Master of Human Resource Management & DevelopmentHuman Resource Management & DevelopmentBusiness & Managementmasters1October,16800
Master of Innovation Management & EntrepreneurshipInnovation Management & EntrepreneurshipBusiness & Managementmasters1September,October,16800
Master of International Business ManagementInternational Business ManagementBusiness & Managementmasters1January,October,16800
Master of International Business Management in EnhancedInternational Business Management (Enhanced)Business & Managementmasters1.5September,October,19000
Master of Investment & FinanceInvestment & FinanceBusiness & Managementmasters1September,October,16800
Master of ManagementManagementBusiness & Managementmasters1January,September,16800
Master of Marketing ManagementMarketing ManagementBusiness & Managementmasters1September,16800
Master of Media ManagementMedia ManagementBusiness & Managementmasters1September,15700
Master of Strategic MarketingStrategic MarketingBusiness & Managementmasters1September,16800

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