Queen Mary University of London Business & Management Phd Programs

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Queen Mary University of London, is a prominent university with a long history of scholarly accomplishments a reputation. With a rich history growing back to 1785. Queen Mary is a famous for its intense research institution in London’s dynamic and diverse metropolis. It has developed into a cutting-edge, vibrant university that Often finds itself ranked among the best in the world. Offering a wide choice of undergraduate and graduate programs in numerous areas. Queen Mary strongly emphasizes promoting intellectual curiosity, creativity, and valuing difference. A broad and fluent student body and the university’s dedication to cutting-edge research combine to create a lively learning atmosphere that equips students to succeed in a constantly evolving world. With its prestigious Phd programs in Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London is pleased to offer aspiring scholars and researchers a life-changing educational opportunity.

Queen Mary University of London programs
Queen Mary University of London programs

Catering to individuals with a strong desire to delve into the ever-changing fields of business. These programs aim to foster an in-depth comprehension of crucial subjects such as organizational behavior, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, and strategic management. Queen Mary strongly emphasizes creative contributions to the area. Thorough research, and the development of advanced scholarly abilities in its Ph.D. programs. Students begin ambitious research projects that substantially contribute to the academic discourse in business and management under the guidance of highly skilled faculty members globally recognized for their competence. The university’s advantageous position in London. Which gives it access to various industries and international business networks, improves the research environment.

List of Queen Mary University of London Business & Management Phd Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Doctor of Business & ManagementBusiness & ManagementBusiness & Managementphd4September,20950
Doctor of Economics & FinanceEconomics & FinanceBusiness & Managementphd4September,20950

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