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Founded in 1962, Regensburg University stands as a bulwark of academic brilliance cultural legacy in the center of Bavaria, Germany. The university, where the Danube River is located, has a long illustrious history that dates back to the Middle Ages. Regensburg University has developed into a vibrant center of education, research, and innovation by offering a wide variety of degrees in the arts, natural sciences, social sciences, and engineering. The university promotes critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and global citizenship. The Regensburg University empowers students to become well-rounded individuals and leaders in their domains and forces for good in society and beyond through demanding academic coursework, hands-on research opportunities, and experiential learning. The Regensburg University’s Arts & Humanities programs are a prime example of its dedication to fostering critical thinking and cross-cultural inquiry.

Regensburg University
Regensburg University

Regensburg University’s commitment to promoting critical thinking and cross-cultural investigation is exemplified by its Arts & Humanities programs. These programs, which have a centuries-long history. Provide students with a wide range of literature, philosophy, history, languages, and cultural studies courses. With a foundation in a history of academic distinction and multidisciplinary cooperation. Students are urged to critically interact with many viewpoints and investigate the intricacies of human language and thought. Students gain a profound grasp of the human experience in various historical and cultural contexts through academic study, research projects, and hands-on learning opportunities. Regensburg University gives students the means and motivation to follow their academic passions and make significant contributions to the areas through access to eminent scholars and cutting-edge arts and humanities resources. Whether analyzing literary masterpieces, delving into philosophical discourse, or unraveling historical events,

List of Arts & Humanities Programs

Postgraduate Programs

RengensburgMaster of British StudiesBritish StudiesArts & Humanitiesmasters20October,1-June,
RengensburgMaster of English LinguisticsEnglish LinguisticsArts & Humanitiesmasters20October,1-June,
RengensburgMaster of European-American StudiesEuropean-American StudiesArts & Humanitiesmasters20October,1-June,
RengensburgMaster of European StudiesEuropean StudiesArts & Humanitiesmasters20October,1-June,

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