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Tucked away in the charming southern German town of Reutlingen. Reutlingen University is a shining example of academic innovation and quality. The Arts & Humanities programs at The Reutlingen University provide an enriching combination of creativity, critical thinking, and cultural exploration. The Reutlingen University provides students with a vibrant learning environment to explore their academic passions and prepare for successful professions. The university offers various programs covering many disciplines, including business, engineering, design, and social sciences. The university, dedicated to promoting creativity, critical thinking, and global perspectives. Gives students access to state-of-the-art facilities, industrial connections, and a welcoming campus environment. The Reutlingen University equips students to become competent professionals by combining a demanding academic curriculum, practical projects, and experiential learning opportunities. Innovative thinkers and responsible global citizens, ready to positively impact society and beyond. The Reutlingen University’s business and management programs are renowned for their commitment to excellence and practical application.

Reutlingen University
Reutlingen University

Reutlingen University has a renowned business and management programs known for their commitment to quality and practical application in the real world. These programs, rooted in long academic excellence and industry involvement, give students a thorough understanding of essential business concepts, managerial techniques, and worldwide trends. Through a combination of practical projects, theoretical education, and experiential learning opportunities, students get the information, abilities, and mindset necessary to thrive in today’s cutthroat business world. Access to cutting-edge facilities and mentorship from knowledgeable faculty members with considerable industry experience equip students to take on real-world difficulties and spur innovation in their disciplines. Reutlingen University’s Business & Management Programs graduates can pursue professions in finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, or international business. They are ethical, flexible, and globally-minded professionals who are prepared to make a significant contribution. 

List of Business & Management Programs

Undergraduate Programs

ReutlingenBachelor of International BusinessInternational BusinessBusiness & Managementbachelors3.53000March,September,15-April,February,
ReutlingenBachelor of Science in International BusinessInternational BusinessBusiness & Managementbachelors3.53000march,september,30-april,15-october,
ReutlingenBachelor of Science in International Fashion RetailInternational Fashion RetailBusiness & Managementbachelors43000march,september,15-january,15-july,
ReutlingenBachelor of Science in Production ManagementProduction ManagementBusiness & Managementbachelors3.53000march,september,15-january,20-august,
ReutlingenBachelor of Science in Business InformaticsBusiness InformaticsBusiness & Managementbachelors3.53000march,september,15-january,15-july,

Postgraduate Programs

ReutlingenMaster of Science in International Accounting, Controlling & TaxationInternational Accounting, Controlling & TaxationBusiness & Managementmasters1.53000march,september,15-january,15-july,
ReutlingenMaster of Science in International Business DevelopmentInternational Business DevelopmentBusiness & Managementmasters1.53000march,september,15-january,15-july,
ReutlingenMaster of Business Administration in International ManagementInternational ManagementBusiness & Managementmasters13000september,15-september,
ReutlingenMaster of Science in Operations ManagementOperations ManagementBusiness & Managementmasters1.53000march,september,15-january,15-july,
ReutlingenMaster of Science in Business InformaticsBusiness InformaticsBusiness & Managementmasters1.53000march,september,15-january,15-july,

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