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A university located in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England, is called Royal Agricultural University. It started operating in 1845. In the World 2022 rankings, Royal Agricultural University came in at 3064th place overall and ranked 133rd in the United Kingdom. International applicants at Royal Agricultural University get admission at 70–80% acceptance rate. Since its founding in 1845, the Royal Agricultural University has led agricultural studies. 

Royal Agriculture University
Royal Agriculture University

Entry Requirements Undergraduate

A-levels: CCC-BCC

International Baccalaureate: 26 points or above for an honors degree


A minimum of 2.2 honors from a British university or a comparable degree from an international institution.

English Language Requirements Undergraduate

IELTS: 6.0 total, with no less than 5.5 in any band.

TOEFL: Minimum overall 80 with no less than 17 in Listening, 18 in Reading, 20 in Speaking, and 17 in Writing


IELTS: 6.5 total, with no less than 5.5 in any band.

TOEFL: Minimum overall 88 with no less than 17 in Listening, 18 in Reading, 20 in Speaking, and 17 in Writing

Royal Agriculture University fees


Arts Degree: 13,500
Architecture: 13,500
Business Degree: 13,500
Engineering Degree: 13,500
Education: 13,500
Health Sciences: 13,500
Law: 13,500
Nursing: 13,500
Physiotherapy: 13,500
Psychology: 13,500
Science Degree: 13,500


Business Degree: 12,750–15,950
Engineering Degree: 12,750–15,950
Education: 12,750–15,950
Science Degree: 12,750–15,950
Data Science: 12,750–15,950
MBA: 12,750–15,950
Nursing: 12,750–15,950

Royal Agriculture University Scholarship

RAU Sports Scholarships

About the scholarship

1. The award is only suitable for one year, with a maximum value of £3,000; however, applications are encouraged for each additional year of study. 

 2. A pro rata portion of the prize, split across the number of years of study, will be given to part-time scholars.

 3. The prize amount is determined by the level of achievement, for example, £1,500 for national involvement and £3,000 for international participation. 

 4. Made in three installments: in the spring, summer, and autumn

Criteria and eligibility

1. Students from the U.K. and abroad 

 2. Success in sports at the national or international level

 3. A dedication to raising the University’s profile via involvement in competitions and sporting events 

 4. Ready to provide guidance and support to RAU sports teams

Deadline: Applications for the 2024–2025 scholarships and bursaries will be accepted starting in February 2024.

Terms and conditions

Further to the criteria above

1. There can only be one RAU-managed scholarship awarded at a time. 

 2. The RAU works to guarantee the accuracy of this data. Nonetheless, the RAU maintains the right to make modifications without prior notice and disclaims all duty for mistakes or omissions.

  1. The data on the application form and in the supporting references is what the Scholarship Committee considers when making its judgment. The Committee’s decision is final.

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