St. Thomas University Law Programs

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St. Thomas University in Miami Gardens, Florida, is a shining example of academic achievement, community involvement, and spiritual development. The university, founded in 1961 by Augustinian friars, embraces its Catholic roots while promoting a welcoming and varied community. The university takes great satisfaction in its small class sizes, which allow for individual attention and mentoring for every student. University promotes experiential learning through service, internships, and research to cultivate ethical leaders and global citizens.

St. Thomas University
St. Thomas University

A thorough undergraduate legal education is provided by St. Thomas University, which provides a great starting point for future attorneys. The law program at St. Thomas University cultivates critical thinking, analytical skills, and a thorough understanding of legal principles through a demanding and intellectually stimulating curriculum. The program is committed to academic excellence, ethical integrity, and social justice. Students investigate many areas of law, such as criminal law, civil procedure, constitutional law, and legal research and writing, through a combination of coursework, real-world experiences, and experiential learning opportunities. Stressing interdisciplinary study, the undergraduate law curriculum at St. Thomas University encourages students to include viewpoints from several disciplines, including political science, history, philosophy, and sociology. Students learn how the law shapes society and gain empathy and insight into legal practice.
The faculty at St. Thomas University, which consists of distinguished academics, seasoned professionals, and devoted mentors committed to fostering students’ intellectual and professional development, is at the heart of the school’s legal curriculum. Faculty members promote critical thinking, facilitate debates, and mentor students inside and outside the classroom.

List of Law Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationThesis -NonthesisDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthDeadline DateFee Per Year
Bachelor of Human RightsHuman RightsNon-ThesisLawbachelors4September,tbc,31-August,18610
Bachelor of Law, Politics, & SocietyLaw, Politics, & SocietyNon-ThesisLawbachelors4September,tbc,31-August,18610
Bachelor of Applied Criminal JusticeCriminal JusticeNon-ThesisLawbachelors4September,tbc,31-August,18610

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