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Out of the many Study abroad destinations, Spain is another top choice for students.

Although the country’s culture speaks loudly in Spanish with its distinct flavor, English is the primary language. It is one of the key reasons for attracting students from all around the world. Study in English at top-ranked institutes with a global focus, and in Spain!

Most courses, from summer to post-graduate degree programs, are taught in English. All educational establishments require international students to have a minimal level of English language competency. There is no language barrier in Spain, making life easier. Besides, Student living in Spain is great and hassle-free.

Study in Spain

Top courses to study in Spain

Spain has a wide range of courses available for international students, including philosophy and literature, engineering, and law. You can select any topic of interest, course specifics, and the top universities for that course. Most employable courses in Spain are: 

  1. Law in Spain
  2. Arts and humanities in Spain
  3. Marketing and Finance in Spain
  4. Hospitality Management in Spain
  5. Dentistry in Spain
  6. Architecture in Spain
  7. Psychology in Spain

Universities in Spain

Spanish universities provide excellent opportunities for international students to pursue extended studies. The University of Barcelona, one of the oldest universities in the world, produces several outstanding intellectuals. Needless to say, it is at the top of the global rankings. Similarly, the Completeness University of Madrid is the largest public institution in Madrid, Spain. Students from both EU and non-EU nations want to study at this university because it offers outstanding research opportunities.  The University of Granada is another reputable institution famous for its international brilliance, and it provides an excellent pathway for postgraduate research programs.

Similarly, Spain has numerous popular and highly notable colleges that provide excellent opportunities for research programs. Here are the top Spanish universities:

  1. Universitat de Barcelona
  2. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  3. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  4. Complutense University of Madrid
  5. Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona)
  6. University of Navarra
  7. IE University
  8. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. BarcelonaTech (UPC)
  9. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M)
  10. Universitat Politècnica de València

From Higher education to graduation and research programs, for international students from other countries are internationally ranked and committed to excellence. Students can choose from a variety of subjects and pursue their degree courses with flair.

How to Apply for Universities in Spain?

The application process for universities will differ depending on which universities and degrees are chosen. There are certain basic paperwork requirements, and language fluency is an important aspect of the admissions process for both English and Spanish courses. Most institutions accept applications online, and the best approach to apply is to visit the university’s website and review all of the course prerequisites.

Admission Requirements

In Spain, document requirements vary by university and subject. You must attach them as supporting documents to your admission application. The university will evaluate them and then make a decision. Here are some of the common documents you’ll need:

  1. Copy of passport 
  2. Updated Resume/CV 
  3. Academic documents from 12th grade (mark sheets or transcripts).
  4. Other Diplomas or Certificates (if available).
  5. Two letters of recommendation 
  6. Statement of Purpose 
  7. Proof of Language Proficiency 
  8. Passport size Photograph 
  9. Duly filled application form (If Applicable)
  10. Work experience documents

Study in Spain without IELTS

To study at a university in Spain without taking the IELTS, you must meet any of the following requirements. Here are some of the most common ways to pursue higher education in Spain without submitting your IELTS scores.

  1. You are a native speaker
  2. Show proof of proficiency in Spanish
  3. Take a preparatory course in Spanish
  4. Diploma from a Spanish Language School
  5. Provide additional internationally recognized certificates of English proficiency.

How to Apply for MBA in Spain?

There are several basic procedures for pursuing an MBA in Spain. Once you have applied to a B-School in Spain, you must complete a formal procedure to get admitted to a Spanish university and obtain a study permit to study in Spain. Before applying, ensure that you understand the admission requirements, entrance tests, and application deadlines. Here’s everything you need to know about the admission procedure in Spain.

Cost of Study in Spain

The tuition fees for Bachelor’s programs range from 1500 EUR to 5000 EUR per year. The tuition fees for Master’s programs are around 2,000 to 7000 EUR per year. This demonstrates that Spain is an inexpensive option for overseas students. Private universities, on the other hand, determine their own tuition fees, which might reach 20,000 EUR per year.

Scholarships to Study in Spain

To encourage international students to study in Spain, the Spanish government and universities provide numerous scholarships. Below is a list of scholarships in Spain for international students.

  1. Spain Government Scholarships
  2. UIC Barcelona Scholarship
  3. European University of the Atlantic
  4. University of Granada Scholarship
  5. Barcelona Study Abroad Experience (SAE) Merit and Leadership Scholarship
  6. Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB) Ph.D. Scholarships in Spain
  7. The UB Business School offers Executive MBA scholarships to EU students
  8. ESCAC Cinematography Undergraduate Scholarships 
  9. The Charles III University of Madrid offers UC3M scholarships to international students in Spain.
  10. Spain Toulouse Business School Excellence and Academic Excellence Scholarships.
  11. Master’s scholarships at the Institute of Neurosciences of Alicante, Spain.
  12. International Fellowships at Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology
  13. Iberdrola Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship Program

Visa to Study in Spain

To enter Spain, you would require Student Visa. So once you’ve received your admission letter from the University of Spain, begin your visa application process. Some vital documents are necessary when applying for a student visa. Here is a list of key documents that you need to submit.

  1. Duly filled visa application form
  2. Passport – With validity for your duration of stay in Spain
  3. 2 recent passport size photos
  4. Information about the study program
  5. An acceptance letter from a Spanish university.
  6. Medical certificate
  7. Health insurance 
  8. Proof of financial assistance for your stay in Spain.
  9. Visa application fee 
  10. The criminal record certificate should not be more than five years old. It should be issued by the relevant authorities in your home country.

Work during Study in Spain

Most countries allow international students to work for a few hours every day to supplement their own income. Similarly, to finance basic living expenses, Spain provides career opportunities while studying abroad in Spain.

International students may work part-time as long as it does not interfere with their regular college or study hours at any institution.

International students are permitted to work full-time during local holidays for a maximum of three months each year.

Stay and work in Spain when you finish your studies

Working in Spain after graduation is possible for overseas students, but not easy. After finishing with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Spain, you can apply for a “post-study work visa,” which allows you to stay in Spain for up to a year and hunt for work. At least 60 days before your student visa expires, you should apply for this temporary residence permit at one of Spain’s immigration offices.

Admission Intakes

Fall Intake

The fall intake at universities in Spain begins in October. There are two application deadlines for the fall admission.
The first is in early June, while the second, known as the late application deadline for Spanish universities, is in early September. However, it is usually preferable to apply by the earliest deadline.

Spring Intake

The Spring Intake at Universities in Spain begins in February. There is only one application deadline for the spring admission cycle in Spain, which occurs in early December for the Spring intake.

Universities name in Spain

University NameType LocationAutonomus Community
Abat Oliba CEUPrivate BARCELONACataluña
A CoruñaPublic A CORUÑAGalicia
A Distancia de MadridPrivate MADRIDMadrid (Comunidad de)
AlcaláPublic MADRIDMadrid (Comunidad de)
Alfonso X El SabioPrivate MADRIDMadrid (Comunidad de)
AlicantePublic ALICANTE/ALACANTComunitat Valenciana
AlmeríaPublic ALMERÍAAndalucía
Antonio de NebrijaPrivate MADRIDMadrid (Comunidad de)
Atlántico MedioPrivate LAS PALMASCanarias
Autónoma de BarcelonaPublic BARCELONACataluña
Autónoma de MadridPublic MADRIDMadrid (Comunidad de)
BarcelonaPublic BARCELONACataluña
BurgosPublic BURGOSCastilla y León
CádizPublic CÁDIZAndalucía
Camilo José CelaPrivate MADRIDMadrid (Comunidad de)
CantabriaPublic CANTABRIACantabria
Cardenal Herrera-CEUPrivate VALENCIA/VALÈNCIAComunitat Valenciana
Carlos III de MadridPublic MADRIDMadrid (Comunidad de)
Castilla-La ManchaPublic CIUDAD REALCastilla – La Mancha
Católica de Valencia San Vicente MártirPrivate VALENCIA/VALÈNCIAComunitat Valenciana
Católica San AntonioPrivate MURCIAMurcia (Región de)
Católica Santa Teresa de Jesús de ÁvilaPrivate ÁVILACastilla y León
Complutense de MadridPublic MADRIDMadrid (Comunidad de)
CórdobaPublic CÓRDOBAAndalucía
CUNEF UniversidadPrivate MADRIDMadrid (Comunidad de)
DeustoPrivate BIZKAIAPaís Vasco
ESIC UniversidadPrivate MADRIDMadrid (Comunidad de)
EuneizPrivate ARABA/ÁLAVAPaís Vasco
Europea de CanariasPrivate SANTA CRUZ DE  TENERIFECanarias
Europea del AtlánticoPrivate CANTABRIACantabria
Europea de MadridPrivate MADRIDMadrid (Comunidad de)
Europea de ValenciaPrivate VALENCIA/VALÈNCIAComunitat Valenciana
Europea Miguel de CervantesPrivate VALLADOLIDCastilla y León
ExtremaduraPublic BADAJOZExtremadura
Fernando Pessoa-Canarias (UFP-C)Private LAS PALMASCanarias
Francisco de VitoriaPrivate MADRIDMadrid (Comunidad de)
GironaPublic GIRONACataluña
GranadaPublic GRANADAAndalucía
HuelvaPublic HUELVAAndalucía
IE UniversidadPrivate SEGOVIACastilla y León
Illes Balears (Les)Public ILLES BALEARSBalears (Illes)
Intercontinental de la EmpresaPrivate A CORUÑAGalicia
Internacional de AndalucíaPublic SEVILLAAndalucía
Internacional de CatalunyaPrivate BARCELONACataluña
Internacional de la EmpresaPrivate MADRIDMadrid (Comunidad de)
Internacional de La RiojaPrivateLA RIOJARioja (La)
Internacional Isabel I de CastillaPrivateBURGOSCastilla y León
Internacional Menéndez PelayoPublicMADRIDEstado
Internacional ValencianaPrivateVALENCIA/VALÈNCIAComunitat Valenciana
Internacional VillanuevaPrivateMADRIDMadrid (Comunidad de)
Jaume I de CastellónPublicCASTELLÓN/CASTELLÓComunitat Valenciana
La RiojaPublicLA RIOJARioja (La)
Las Palmas de Gran CanariaPublicLAS PALMASCanarias
LeónPublicLEÓNCastilla y León
Loyola AndalucíaPrivateSEVILLAAndalucía
Miguel Hernández de ElchePublicALICANTE/ALACANTComunitat Valenciana
Mondragón UnibertsitateaPrivateGIPUZKOAPaís Vasco
MurciaPublicMURCIAMurcia (Región de)
Nacional de Educación a DistanciaPublicMADRIDEstado
NavarraPrivateNAVARRANavarra (Comunidad Foral de)
Oberta de CatalunyaPrivateBARCELONACataluña
OviedoPublicASTURIASAsturias (Principado de)
Pablo de OlavidePublicSEVILLAAndalucía
País Vasco/Euskal Herriko UnibertsitateaPublicBIZKAIAPaís Vasco
Politécnica de CartagenaPublicMURCIAMurcia (Región de)
Politécnica de CatalunyaPublicBARCELONACataluña
Politécnica de MadridPublicMADRIDMadrid (Comunidad de)
Politècnica de ValènciaPublicVALENCIA/VALÈNCIAComunitat Valenciana
Pompeu FabraPublicBARCELONACataluña
Pontificia ComillasPrivateMADRIDMadrid (Comunidad de)
Pontificia de SalamancaPrivateSALAMANCACastilla y León
Pública de NavarraPublicNAVARRANavarra (Comunidad Foral de)
Ramón LlullPrivateBARCELONACataluña
Rey Juan CarlosPublicMADRIDMadrid (Comunidad de)
Rovira i VirgiliPublicTARRAGONACataluña
SalamancaPublicSALAMANCACastilla y León
San JorgePrivateZARAGOZAAragón
San Pablo-CEUPrivateMADRIDMadrid (Comunidad de)
Santiago de CompostelaPublicA CORUÑAGalicia
València (Estudi General)PublicVALENCIA/VALÈNCIAComunitat Valenciana
ValladolidPublicVALLADOLIDCastilla y León
Vic-Central de CatalunyaPrivateBARCELONACataluña

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