Swansea University Health & Medicine Postgraduate Programs

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Swansea University, founded in 1920, exemplifies dedication to academic excellence, research innovation, and a rich cultural tassel, determining itself as an esteemed institution. Situated in the entire coastal city of Swansea, Wales, Swansea University actively contributes to its vibrant academic and cultural environment. The Swansea University Health & Medicine Postgraduate Programs are at the forefront of innovative teaching. They provide a dynamic and all-encompassing approach to training future medical professionals. Based on a dedication to academic excellence, these programs skillfully combine theory and applied knowledge. Students will acquire a strong foundation and practical skills in the healthcare industry.

Swansea University

Swansea Institute allows students to participate in advanced studies, acquire sophisticated clinical skills, and advance healthcare through a wide range of comprehensive postgraduate programs in the health and medicine fields. Swansea University’s doctoral programs in Health and Medicine are tailored to meet the changing demands of the healthcare sector, giving graduates the tools they need to meet the challenges of contemporary healthcare delivery. One noteworthy feature is the emphasis on research-led teaching in Swansea University’s postgraduate programs in health and medicine. Students get to collaborate with eminent scientists at the front of the medical and health sciences. The curricula aim to develop analytical abilities, critical thinking, and a complete understanding of the most recent advancements in the field.

The university is home to advanced facilities that give students practical experience and skills critical for their future careers. These include well-equipped labs, simulation suites, and training spaces for clinical skills.

List of Swansea University Health & Medicine Postgraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of Cognitive NeuroscienceCognitive NeuroscienceHealth & Medicinemasters1September,19550
Master of Developmental & Therapeutic PlayDevelopmental & Therapeutic PlayHealth & Medicinemasters1September,17450
Master of Diabetes PracticeDiabetes PracticeHealth & Medicinemasters1September,21850
Master of Genomic MedicineGenomic MedicineHealth & Medicinemasters1September,21650
Master of Health Care ManagementHealth Care ManagementHealth & Medicinemasters1January,September,18900
Master of Health Data ScienceHealth Data ScienceHealth & Medicinemasters1January,September,19800
Master of Health InformaticsHealth InformaticsHealth & Medicinemasters1January,September,19800
Master of Medical Radiation PhysicsMedical Radiation PhysicsHealth & Medicinemasters1January,September,22300
Master of Nano MedicineNano MedicineHealth & Medicinemasters1January,September,24200
Master of NanomedicineNanomedicineHealth & Medicinemasters1January,September,24200
Master of Public Health & Health PromotionPublic Health & Health PromotionHealth & Medicinemasters1January,September,18900
Master of Public Health & Health PromotionPublic Health & Health PromotionHealth & Medicinemasters1January,September,18900
Master of Biomedical Engineering Biomedical EngineeringHealth & Medicinemasters1September,21200
Master of Health Economics by researchHealth EconomicsHealth & Medicinemasters1January,April,July,October,19950
Master of Health & Wellbeing by research Health & WellbeingHealth & Medicinemasters1January,April,October,19350
Master of Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine by researchTissue Engineering & Regenerative MedicineHealth & Medicinemasters1January,October,22000
Master of Medical & Health Care Studies by researchMedical & Health Care StudiesHealth & Medicinemasters1January,October,22550
Master of Membrane Technology by researchMembrane TechnologyHealth & Medicinemasters1January,April,July,October,22000

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