Swansea University Law Postgraduate Programs

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Swansea University, founded in 1920, exemplifies dedication to academic excellence, research innovation, and a rich cultural tassel, determining itself as an esteemed institution. Situated in the entire coastal city of Swansea, Wales, Swansea University actively contributes to its vibrant academic and cultural environment. Swansea University Law Postgraduate Programs are a distinguished and all-encompassing academic pathway. That provides students with a stimulating and dynamic environment to develop their legal knowledge. The university offers prospective legal professionals an enriching experience through its unique fusion of tradition and innovation. Swansea University’s Law School is well known for its dedication to academic excellence, innovative research, and a welcoming learning environment.

Swansea University

Swansea University provides students with an intellectually stimulating environment to advance their legal knowledge and skills through a comprehensive and distinguished range of postgraduate programs in law. The University’s Law School actively commits to scholarly excellence, conducts innovative research, and fosters a hospitable learning atmosphere. The graduate programs span various legal disciplines, catering to the students’ diverse interests and professional aspirations. Swansea University’s postgrad law programs promote advanced legal scholarship through student engagement. The faculty comprises seasoned academics and performing lawyers who bring experience to the classroom. They create a lively and intellectually engaging atmosphere for learning. International Commercial Law, Intellectual Property and Commercial Practice, Human Rights and International Relations, and other legal fields are among the specializations available to students.

The actively designed curriculum provides graduates with a solid foundation in theoretical knowledge and practical skills. They equip them for the challenges of the legal profession and a wide range of career options.

List of Swansea University Law Postgraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of International Commercial & Maritime LawInternational Commercial & Maritime LawLawmasters1September,18300
Master of International Commercial LawInternational Commercial LawLawmasters1September,18300
Master of International Maritime LawInternational Maritime LawLawmasters1September,18300
Master of International Trade LawInternational Trade LawLawmasters1September,18300
Master of Law & Legal PracticeLaw & Legal PracticeLawmasters1.5September,10450
Master of Legal Practice & Advanced DraftingLegal Practice & Advanced DraftingLawmasters1September,20900
Master of Legal Tech & Commercial LawLegal Tech & Commercial LawLawmasters1September,17150
Master of Legaltech & Commercial LawLegaltech & Commercial LawLawmasters1September,17150
Master of Oil, Gas & Renewable Energy LawOil, Gas & Renewable Energy LawLawmasters1September,18300
Master of Professional Legal PracticeProfessional Legal PracticeLawmasters1September,20900

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