The University of Buckingham Social & Behavioural Science Postgraduate Programs

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It is located in Buckingham, UK’s charming and historic town. The University of Buckingham is a standout establishment that offers a unique and customized educational experience. It was founded in 1976. The University of Buckingham Social & Behavioural Science Postgraduate Programs provide students. Who wants a thorough understanding of society dynamics and human behavior with an exciting and thought-provoking learning environment. These programs combine demanding academic instruction with real-world insights into the intricacies of social and behavioral phenomena. A dedication to deliver high-quality education forms the foundation of their mission.

The University of Buckingham

A wide range of exciting postgraduate social and behavioral science programs are available at the University of Buckingham. These programs aim to teach students a profound understanding of the complex interactions between social structures and human behavior. These programs craft an environment that fosters advanced research skills, encourages critical thinking, and ensures students develop a comprehensive grasp of the latest theories and techniques in the field. The faculty comprises eminent academics and seasoned professionals, guaranteeing an engaging learning environment. Students study various modules covering psychology, sociology, anthropology, and related fields, whether pursuing a Master’s or Doctoral degree. In addition to theoretical understanding, there are opportunities for practical application, including research experiences, internships, and partnerships with business partners.

Small class sizes at the University of Buckingham, which promote close relationships between students and faculty, demonstrate the institution’s commitment to personalized learning. The postgraduate community actively addresses modern social issues, fosters intellectual curiosity, and advises creativity.

List of The University of Buckingham Social & Behavioural Science Postgraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of Security, Intelligence & DiplomacySecurity, Intelligence & DiplomacySocial & Behavioural Science masters1January,September,15408
Master of Security & Intelligence StudiesSecurity & Intelligence StudiesSocial & Behavioural Science masters1January,September,15408
Master of Health PsychologyHealth PsychologySocial & Behavioural Sciencemasters1January,15408
Master of United Nations & Diplomatic StudiesUnited Nations & Diplomatic StudiesSocial & Behavioural Science masters1January,September,15408

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