University College London Computer & IT Postgraduate Programs

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Situated in London, United Kingdom, University College London is a prominent public research university with an international reputation. In 1826, it founded itself as the first university in England and London that accepted students regardless of social class, race, or religion. The University College London Computer & IT Postgraduate Programs, an outstanding example of academic excellence in London’s center perfectly captures the institution’s dedication to developing the next wave of tech leaders. UCL is known for its exceptional computer science education, innovative teaching methods, and diverse culture.


UCL offers Postgraduate programs in Computer Science and IT, emphasizing high-quality education and innovative research. These programs aim to give students the information and abilities. They need to succeed in the quickly developing field of computer science. Master of Science programs in computer science, machine learning, data science, information security, and many more are available to students at UCL. Artificial intelligence, software engineering, data analytics, cybersecurity, and human-computer interaction are just a few of the many topics these programs cover. To guarantee that graduates are knowledgeable about the most recent developments and can apply their knowledge in practical settings. The curriculum aims to provide a well-balanced combination of theoretical underpinnings and practical applications.
The program’s unique selling point for postgraduate students studying computer and IT at UCL is its emphasis on research-led teaching. Students can interact with top-notch instructors who are leaders in their fields. Students can work together on innovative projects and learn from academic professionals. The tech sector is thanks to the university’s close connections with leading companies and research centers.

List of University College London Computer & IT Postgraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of Computational FinanceComputational FinanceComputer & ITmasters1September,41500
Master of Computational Statistics & Machine LearningComputational Statistics & Machine LearningComputer & ITmasters1September,35000
Master of Computer Graphics, Vision & ImagingComputer Graphics, Vision & ImagingComputer & ITmasters1September,35000
Master of Computer ScienceComputer ScienceComputer & ITmasters1September,35000
Master of Information SecurityInformation SecurityComputer & ITmasters1September,35000
Master of Machine LearningMachine LearningComputer & ITmasters1September,35000
Master of TelecommunicationsTelecommunicationsComputer & ITmasters1September,35000
Master of Telecommunications with BusinessTelecommunications with BusinessComputer & ITmasters1September,41500
Master of Energy Systems & Data AnalyticsEnergy Systems & Data AnalyticsComputer & ITmasters1September,32100
Master of Artificial Intelligence For Sustainable DevelopmentArtificial Intelligence For Sustainable DevelopmentComputer & ITmasters1September,35000
Master of Computational Archaeology in Gis, Data Science & ComplexityComputational Archaeology in Gis, Data Science & ComplexityComputer & ITmasters1September,29000
Master of Crime & Forensic ScienceCrime & Forensic ScienceComputer & ITmasters1September,32100
Master of Data Science & Public Policy in EconomicsData Science & Public Policy in EconomicsComputer & ITmasters1September,32100
Master of Data Science & Public Policy in Political SciencesData Science & Public Policy in Political SciencesComputer & ITmasters1September,32100
Master of Data ScienceData ScienceComputer & ITmasters1September,38300
Master of Digital Technologies & PolicyDigital Technologies & PolicyComputer & ITmasters1September,32100
Master of Ecology & Data ScienceEcology & Data ScienceComputer & ITmasters1September,35000
Master of Health Data ScienceHealth Data ScienceComputer & ITmasters1September,32100
Master of Knowledge, Information & Data ScienceKnowledge, Information & Data ScienceComputer & ITmasters1September,29000
Master of Medical Robotics & Artificial IntelligenceMedical Robotics & Artificial IntelligenceComputer & ITmasters1September,32100
Master of Scientific & Data Intensive ComputingScientific & Data Intensive ComputingComputer & ITmasters1September,35000
Master of Philosophy in Foundational Artificial IntelligenceFoundational Artificial IntelligenceComputer & ITmasters4September,29000
Master of Geospatial Science in Geographic Information Science & ComputingGeographic Information Science & ComputingComputer & ITmasters1September,35000
Master of Spatio-Temporal Analytics & Big Data MiningSpatio Temporal Analytics & Big Data MiningComputer & ITmasters1September,35000
Master of Data Science & Machine LearningData Science & Machine LearningComputer & ITmasters1September,35000
Master of Robotics & ComputationRobotics & ComputationComputer & ITmasters1September,35000
Master of Wireless & Optical CommunicationsWireless & Optical CommunicationsComputer & ITmasters1September,35000
Master of Artificial Intelligence & Medical ImagingArtificial Intelligence & Medical Imaging Computer & ITmasters1September,32100
Master of Built Environment Sustainable Heritage Data ScienceBuilt Environment Sustainable Heritage Data Science Computer & ITmasters1September,32100
Master of Built Environment Sustainable Heritage Data ScienceBuilt Environment Sustainable Heritage Data Science Computer & ITmasters1September,32100
Master of Advanced Materials Science Data Driven InnovationAdvanced Materials Science Data Driven Innovation Computer & ITmasters1September,35000

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