University College London Life Sciences PHD Programs

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Situated in London, United Kingdom, University College London is a prominent public research university with an international reputation. In 1826, it founded itself as the first university in England and London that accepted students regardless of social class, race, or religion. University College London Life Sciences PHD Programs excels in life sciences with diverse PHD programs. That encourages creativity, research, and a complete education. UCL is a top multidisciplinary university renowned for its dedication to scientific discovery and intellectual community. UCL’s PHD programs in the life sciences are the research of this hard work. They offer students a life-changing educational experience that skillfully combines cutting-edge research, modern facilities, and a global perspective.


Those seeking a Ph.D. in the life sciences can find a dynamic and advanced setting at University College London (UCL). Renowned globally for its academic excellence and research contributions, UCL provides a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to life sciences research. It is fostering a dynamic community of scholars, scientists, and innovators. The goal of UCL’s Ph.D. programs in life sciences is to provide students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to tackle challenging biological problems and substantially contribute to the field’s body of knowledge. The variety of research topics in life sciences offered to students in UCL’s Ph.D. programs is one of their main advantages.

The faculty offers students a wide range of research opportunities. Comprises eminent experts in molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, neuroscience, and systems biology. UCL’s interdisciplinary research environment encourages departmental collaboration, resulting in a rich intellectual exchange. That improves the caliber and significance of research outputs. Modern resources and facilities, such as well-stocked laboratories, advanced technology, and extensive research libraries, are available to students in Ph.D. programs in the life sciences.

List of University College London Life Sciences PHD Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Doctor of Cell & Developmental BiologyCell & Developmental BiologyLife Sciencesphd3September,32100
Doctor of Developmental & Stem Cell BiologyDevelopmental & Stem Cell BiologyLife Sciencesphd4September,32100
Doctor of Division of Infection & ImmunityDivision of Infection & ImmunityLife Sciencesphd3September,32100
Doctor of Gatsby Computational Neuroscience UnitGatsby Computational Neuroscience UnitLife Sciencesphd4September,32100
Doctor of Institute of Cognitive NeuroscienceInstitute of Cognitive NeuroscienceLife Sciencesphd3September,32100
Doctor of Institute of NeurologyInstitute of NeurologyLife Sciencesphd3February,May,September,32100
Doctor of Optical BiologyOptical BiologyLife Sciencesphd4September,32100
Doctor of Molecular Cell BiologyMolecular Cell BiologyLife Sciencesphd4September,32100
Doctor of Neuroscience, Physiology & PharmacologyNeuroscience, Physiology & PharmacologyLife Sciencesphd3September,32100
Doctor of Science & Technology StudiesScience & Technology StudiesLife Sciencesphd3September,26200
Doctor of Speech, Hearing & Phonetic SciencesSpeech, Hearing & Phonetic SciencesLife Sciencesphd3September,24200
Doctor of Structural & Molecular BiologyStructural & Molecular BiologyLife Sciencesphd3September,32100
Doctor of Philosophy in Ecological Study BrainEcological Study Brain Life Sciencesphd3September,32100
Doctor of Philosophy in Ecological Study BrainEcological Study Brain Life Sciencesphd4September,32100

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