University of Liverpool Health & Medicine Postgraduate Programs

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Located in Liverpool, England, the Institution of Liverpool is a renowned public research institution founded in 1881. The institution, well-known for its dedication to academic achievement. Provides various undergraduate and graduate programs in the arts, sciences, engineering, health, and social sciences, among other fields. Groundbreaking scientific contributions, medical advancements, and significant societal influence Strongly establish the University of Liverpool’s valued reputation. Renowned for providing advanced education to individuals seeking to expand their knowledge of the constantly changing healthcare industry, the University of Liverpool’s postgraduate Health and Medicine programs stand out.

Liverpool John Moores University B

These programs, designed for people with a strong desire to advance medical knowledge, provide specialized training in a range of healthcare fields, such as clinical research, public health, and medical education. Postgraduate students work on innovative projects that advance healthcare practices, participate in practical clinical experiences. Conduct cutting-edge research under the direction of distinguished faculty members. Faculty members develop the curriculum to address current industry issues, focusing on creative solutions and evidence-based methods. Modern facilities and the university’s dedication to high-caliber research provide an environment that supports advanced learning and prepares postgraduate students for essential jobs in the healthcare industry.

List of University of Liverpool Health & Medicine Postgraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of NursingNursing Health & Medicinemasters1 September,24400
Master of Pandemic SciencesParamedic Science Health & Medicinemasters1 September,24750
Master of Infection & Immunity Infection & ImmunityHealth & Medicinemasters1 September,24750
Master of Health Data ScienceHealth Data ScienceHealth & Medicinemasters1 September,21550
Master of Cancer Biology & TherapyCancer Biology & TherapyHealth & Medicinemasters1 September,24750
Master of Global Medical Ethics Global Medical Ethics Health & Medicinemasters1 September,21550
Master of Public Health Public Health Health & Medicinemasters1 September,24400
Master of Clinical Ophthalmology & Vision ScienceClinical Ophthalmology & Vision ScienceHealth & Medicinemasters1 September,39250
Master of Clinical Ophthalmology & Vision Science with Clinical PlacementClinical Ophthalmology & Vision ScienceHealth & Medicinemasters1 September,39250
Master of Palliative & End of Life CarePalliative & End of Life CareHealth & Medicinemasters1 September,24400
Master of Health, Cultures & SocietiesHealth, Cultures & SocietiesHealth & Medicinemasters1 September,21950
Master of Global Healthcare EthicsGlobal Healthcare EthicsHealth & Medicinemasters1January,September,21550
Master of Diagnostic Radiography (Pre-registration)Diagnostic RadiographyHealth & Medicinemasters2January,25450
Master of Mental Health Nursing with Registered Nurse StatusMental Health Nursing with Registered Nurse StatusHealth & Medicinemasters2January,24200
Master of Occupational Therapy (Pre-registration)Occupational TherapyHealth & Medicinemasters2January,24200
Master of Therapeutic Radiography & Oncology (Top-up)Therapeutic Radiography & OncologyHealth & Medicinemasters3October,24200
Master of Orthoptics (Pre-Registration)Orthoptics (Pre-Registration)Health & Medicinemasters2January,25450
Master of Acute, Critical and Emergency MedicineAcute, Critical and Emergency MedicineHealth & Medicinemasters3 September,39250
Master of Biomedical Sciences and Translational MedicineBiomedical Sciences and Translational MedicineHealth & Medicinemasters1 September,27800
Master of Pharmacology and ToxicologyPharmacology and Toxicology Health & Medicinemasters1September,26800
Master of Physiotherapy (Pre-registration)Physiotherapy (Pre-registration)Health & Medicinemasters2January,25450

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