University of Pecs Education Programs

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The University of Pécs, renowned across Hungary and beyond for its academic distinction and legacy, has established itself since 1367. This distinguished school has been forming brains and encouraging inventions for over six centuries. It is in the historic city of Pécs, well-known for its rich cultural legacy and lively atmosphere. The University of Pécs is a vibrant learning environment where students worldwide come together to pursue their passions and dreams. It dedicates itself to academic rigor, diversity, and community participation. Pécs offers students various educational programs, including arts, sciences, engineering, health sciences, and social sciences. Its top-notch staff members commit to fostering students’ critical thinking abilities and intellectual curiosity.  

University of Pecs
University of Pecs

The undergraduate and graduate programs are available at the University of Pécs, one of Hungary’s most illustrious and historic universities. The University of Pecs Education Programs offers an extensive array of undergraduate programs in subjects including business, medicine, humanities, sciences, and the arts. The purpose of these programs is to equip students with the fundamental information and useful skills needed for the careers of their choice. In order to better connect academic learning with practical applications, the university enhances the curriculum with theoretical studies, practical experience gained through labs, and internship possibilities.

As it moves into postgraduate courses, the University of Pécs expands its offerings to include doctorate and master’s degree programs, promoting more in-depth specialization and research. Postgraduate students should do creative research on current challenges to contribute to scholarly discourse. The university promotes global learning through international partnerships, exchange programs, and collaborations. The University of Pecs Education Programs dedicates itself to promoting professional and educational advancement, continuing to serve as a center of knowledge and innovation in Europe.

List of Education Programs

Undergraduate Programs

PecsBachelor of Arts in Pre-School TeachingPre-School TeachingEducationbachelors34000

Postgraduate Programs

PecsMaster of Science in Adult Education in (Andragogy)Adult Education Educationmasters25000
PecsMaster of Arts in Teacher of Educational ScienceTeacher of Educational ScienceEducationmasters17000
PecsMaster of Arts in Teacher of Ethics & Moral PhilosophyTeacher of Ethics & Moral PhilosophyEducationmasters17000
PecsMaster of Arts in Teacher of French Language & CultureTeacher of French Language & CultureEducationmasters17000
PecsMaster of Arts in Teacher of German Language & Culture
Teacher of German Language & CultureEducationmasters17000
PecsMaster of Arts in Teacher of Italian Language & CultureTeacher of Italian Language & CultureEducationmasters17000
PecsMaster of Arts in Teacher of Latin Language & CultureTeacher of Latin Language & CultureEducationmasters17000
PecsMaster of Arts in Teacher of PhilosophyTeacher of PhilosophyEducationmasters17000

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