University of Stirling Arts & Humanities Undergraduate Programs

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The University of Stirling Arts & Humanities Undergraduate Programs, founded in 1967, is famous for its strong focus on research, teaching, and developing critical thinking abilities. Stirling, through its undergraduate programs in the arts and humanities. Take part in an exciting learning environment that encourages critical thinking, creativity, and cross-cultural understanding. Discover your potential and take charge of your future in the dynamic humanities and arts fields.

University of Stirling

The undergraduate programs at the University of Stirling provide a rich and varied learning environment that combines academic excellence with a dedication to promoting creativity, critical thinking, and understanding between cultures. With a focus on developing students’ intellectual curiosity, these programs thoroughly examine a range of artistic and humanities fields. Students can engage with various courses, from literature and languages to philosophy, history, and the arts, developing a profound grasp of the social, cultural, and historical.

Students establish connections between diverse academic subjects. They are fostering adaptability and effective communication. These programs emphasize research, critical thinking, and communication skills, preparing students to contribute significantly to society. The Institute of Stirling’s undergraduate arts and humanities programs are designed to create a dynamic intellectual community. Foster passion, establish lifelong learning foundations and support diverse academic and personal growth journeys.

List of University of Stirling Arts & Humanities Undergraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Bachelor of Digital Media (Hons)Digital MediaArts & Humanitiesbachelors4August,16400
Bachelor of English Studies (Hons)English StudiesArts & Humanitiesbachelors3, 4January,September,16400
Bachelor of Film & Media (Hons)Film & MediaArts & Humanitiesbachelors4January,September,16400
Bachelor of French (Hons)FrenchArts & Humanitiesbachelors3, 4January,September,16400
Bachelor of History (Hons)HistoryArts & Humanitiesbachelors3, 4January,September,16400
Bachelor of Modern Languages (Hons)Modern LanguageArts & Humanitiesbachelors4January,September,16400
Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons)PhilosophyArts & Humanitiesbachelors3, 4January,September,16400
Bachelor of Religion (Hons)ReligionArts & Humanitiesbachelors4September,16400
Bachelor of Scottish History (Hons)Scottish HistoryArts & Humanitiesbachelors3, 4January,September,16400
Bachelor of Spanish & Latin American Studies (Hons)Spanish & Latin American StudiesArts & Humanitiesbachelors3, 4January,September,16400
Bachelor of History & HeritageHistory & HeritageArts & Humanitiesbachelors3September,16400

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