University of Stirling Business & Management Undergraduate Programs

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The University of Stirling Business & Management Undergraduate Programs, founded in 1967, is famous for its strong focus on research, teaching, and developing critical thinking abilities. Undergraduate business and management programs at the University of Stirling provide students who want to succeed in the rapidly changing field of business with a lively and progressive educational experience. With a foundation dedicated to delivering an advanced education. These programs combine academic understanding with practical experience to prepare students for today’s demands of the international business world and a wide range of business disciplines. Marketing, finance, business ownership, and organizational behavior are covered in depth from the beginning of the program for students.

University of Stirling

The business and management undergraduate programs at the Institute of Stirling provide a thorough and up-to-date education. That aims to give students the ideas, information, and abilities to succeed in the fast-paced business world. These courses give students a solid foundation by combining theoretical concepts with real-world applications. That prepares them for the demands of today’s corporate environment. Significant business and management topics covered in the curriculum include marketing, finance, human resources, entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior. Students participate in industry simulations and practical case studies. Practical projects from the very beginning. This helps them thoroughly comprehend how abstract concepts relate to practical business scenarios. Experiential learning ensures that graduates skillfully apply their knowledge in various professional contexts while maintaining academic strength.

List of University of Stirling Business & Management Undergraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons)AccountancyBusiness & Managementbachelors3, 4September,16400
Bachelor of Accounting & Finance (Hons)Accountancy & FinanceBusiness & Managementbachelors3, 4September,16400
Bachelor of Business Computing (Hons)Business ComputingBusiness & Managementbachelors4September,20300
Bachelor of Business Studies (Hons)Business StudiesBusiness & Managementbachelors3, 4January,September,16400
Bachelor of Finance (Hons)FinanceBusiness & Managementbachelors3, 4January,September,16400
Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Hons)Human Resource ManagementBusiness & Managementbachelors3,4January,September,16400
Bachelor of International Management Studies in European Languages & Society (Hons)International Management Studies in European Languages & SocietyBusiness & Managementbachelors3, 4September,16400
Bachelor of Management (Hons)ManagementBusiness & Managementbachelors3, 4January,September,16400
Bachelor of Marketing (Hons)MarketingBusiness & Managementbachelors3, 4January,September,16400
Bachelor of Professional Accountancy (Hons)Professional AccountancyBusiness & Managementbachelors3September,16400
Bachelor of Retail Marketing (Hons)Retail MarketingBusiness & Managementbachelors3, 4January,September,16400
Bachelor of Sport Business Management (Hons)Sports Business ManagementBusiness & Managementbachelors4September,16400

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