University of Worcester Computer & IT Undergraduate Programs

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Established in 1947 and located in the heart of England, the University of Worcester is a shining example of academic brilliance, especially for its creative and inclusive teaching methods. The Computer & IT Undergraduate Programs at the University of Worcester demonstrate advanced academic excellence. They provide a dynamic and modern approach to education in the quickly developing technology field. The university actively dedicates itself to creating a rich learning environment. Prepares students for success in dynamic computer science and IT fields. The programs aim to provide students with a thorough understanding of fundamental concepts and practical experience in the real world. They prepare graduates to take on challenges in the dynamic field of information technology.


The undergraduate Computer & IT programs at the University of Worcester are prime examples of their dedication to academic excellence, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive student development. Crafting these programs carefully ensures that students develop a profound comprehension of the complex field of computer science and information technology. The programs guarantee that graduates possess a solid theoretical understanding and the practical skills necessary for success in the rapidly evolving and fast-paced IT environment. The curriculum covers various topics, from programming languages, algorithms, and database management to network architecture, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. It is a carefully designed fusion of fundamental concepts and cutting-edge technologies. Students apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios through practical projects, internships, and industry collaborations, among other experiential learning opportunities.

List of University of Worcester Computer & IT Undergraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Bachelor of Computing & Education Studies (Hons)Computing & Education StudiesComputer & ITbachelors3September,14700
Bachelor of Computing (Hons)ComputingComputer & ITbachelors3September,14700
Bachelor of Cyber Security (Hons)Cyber SecurityComputer & ITbachelors3September,14700
Bachelor of Data Science (Hons)Data ScienceComputer & ITbachelors3September,14700
Bachelor of Data Science with Placement Year (Hons)Data ScienceComputer & ITbachelors4September,14700

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