Waterford Institute of Technology Tourism & Hospitality Programs

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Waterford, Ireland, is home to the vibrant and cutting-edge Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT). WIT, founded in 1970, has expanded to become one of the nation’s top technological institutes. It is renowned for its dedication to academic excellence, industry-focused research, and student-centered learning. WIT offers degrees in arts and humanities, business, engineering, science, health sciences, and technology. These programs aim to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to thrive in the competitive global market. WIT is unique in that it places a lot of focus on practical research and industry collaboration.

Waterford Institute of Technology
Waterford Institute of Technology

The vibrant and extensive undergraduate Tourism & Hospitality programs offered by Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) meet the varied demands of students hoping to succeed in the rapidly expanding hospitality sector. These programs meticulously craft an ideal balance between theoretical understanding and real-world application.
Students at WIT engage in an extensive curriculum encompassing a wide range of topics related to the sector, such as food and beverage services, sustainable tourism practices, hotel operations, event management, and tourist management. Practical learning and industry participation are critical components of WIT’s Tourism & Hospitality programs. Through guest lectures, industry visits, and internships, students can interact with specialists and develop career networks before graduating. Thanks to WIT’s strong connections with the regional and global tourism and hospitality sectors, students can also take advantage of numerous internship and placement possibilities in well-known hotels, resorts, event management firms, and tourism organizations.

List of Tourism & Hospitality Programs

Undergraduate Programs

CampusCourse NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Waterford CampusBachelor of Hospitality Management (Hons)Hospitality ManagementTourism & Hospitalitybachelors4September,13500
Waterford CampusBachelor of Tourism & Hospitality ServicesTourism & Hospitality ServicesTourism & Hospitalitybachelors3September,13500
Wexford CampusBachelor of Tourism & Event Management (Hons)Tourism & Event ManagementTourism & Hospitalitybachelors4September,13500
Wexford CampusBachelor of Tourism & Event ManagementTourism & Event ManagementTourism & Hospitalitybachelors3September,13500

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