The Aberystwyth University hysical Science & Math Master by Research Programs was established in 1872 and is known for its academic excellence. It is located in the beautiful Welsh town of Aberystwyth and has a long history of providing transformative education. Aberystwyth University offers Master by Research programs in Physical Science and Mathematics for individuals who are passionate about scientific inquiry. These programs provide an opportunity to work alongside accomplished researchers and make significant contributions to the fields of Physical Science and Mathematics.


Aberystwyth University Physical Science & Math Master by Research Programs in that have a strong interdisciplinary focus. These programs offer advanced knowledge and skills that transcend traditional academic boundaries, benefiting graduates in academic, industry, and research. The university provides master’s degrees in Physical Science, which includes physics, chemistry, and related fields. Students get to explore the complexity of natural laws and behaviors that govern the physical universe through these programs. These institution offers Master’s Research Programs in Physical Science and Mathematics that apply scientific concepts to real-world issues, fostering critical thinking through lab work and theory. Aberystwyth University offers advanced programs that prepare students for academic, industry, and research careers. In these Master’s programs, theory blends with practical application, empowering students to apply scientific concepts effectively to address real-world problems. Through theoretical research and laboratory work, students develop a strong foundation in critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

List of Aberystwyth University Physical Science & Math Master by Research Programs

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