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Big Update UK Quarantine rules. Students need to know the UK Universities Quarantine Rules, the UK Quarantine Traffic light system How to deal with living expenses in the UK during Quarantine

Per the UK Quarantine Rules, people arriving from Ebola-affected regions will be subject to a 21-day isolation period.
These policy changes aim to put protections in place against an Ebola outbreak. The general public feels reassured by these changes, but experts think they are too stringent and could negatively impact the economy.
The UK has announced that it will relax its quarantine rules for travelers from Ebola-affected countries. The decision follows the World Health Organization’s recent reassessment that the outbreak in West Africa has passed its peak, with the number of cases declining in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone.
The change means people leaving infected areas will not be subject to any health checks at airports other than a temperature check. However, a risk assessment, which includes a questionnaire and may involve a blood test or an examination of body fluids such as saliva or vomit, can still be carried out if necessary.
In what has been dubbed one of the most significant Ebola developments since 1st January 2015 when the WHO declared “an Ebola epidemic,” as confirmed by medical staff at 17 points in West Africa – this is good news for UK travel restrictions to Ebola-affected countries.

  • BIG UPDATE UK Quarantine Rules
  • UK Quarantine Rules
  • UK Quarantine Traffic light system for Countries rule
    A deadly virus has hit the UK.
    Nipah is a highly contagious disease that can cause severe brain damage and death. The virus has killed at least 23 people in Bangladesh and 16 in India.

#BIG UPDATE! UK Quarantine Rules


#UK Universities Quarantine Rules

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