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Bishop’s University is a prestigious institution in the charming town of Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada. Founded in 1843, it has a history spanning almost two centuries. The University dedicates itself to maintaining academic quality and fostering a learning atmosphere. That encourages life-changing intellectual and personal development adventures. Bishop values diversity, critical thinking, and community service and strives to offer a unique learning environment that reflects these values. The campus fosters community and provides a distinctive fusion of old charm and cutting-edge innovation.

Bishop's University

The Social Behavior & Sciences department at Bishop’s University offers a wide range of esteemed undergraduate programs that provide students with a thorough and immersive learning environment. The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program covers many psychological theories and research techniques in depth, comprehensively examining the complexity of the human mind and behavior. During research projects and internships, students gain practical experience that enhances their comprehension of social interactions, emotions, and cognitive processes.
Bishop’s University Sociology curriculum covers in depth studies of social inequality, cultural diversity, and institutional frameworks, exploring the complex dynamics of human society. Stressing critical thinking, students investigate institutions and societal norms, developing a sophisticated viewpoint on today’s social issues. Through important learning opportunities like fieldwork and community service, the curriculum enables students to apply sociological concepts to actual circumstances. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the Applied Psychology degree integrates psychological concepts with practical applications in business, health, and counseling. The program bridges theory and application by combining experiential learning opportunities, such as internships and workshops, emphasizing ethical practice and cultural competence.

List of Social behaviour & Sciences Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationThesis -NonthesisDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthDeadline DateFee Per Year
Bachelor of Applied PsychologyApplied PsychologyNon-ThesisSocial & Behavioural Sciencebachelors4January,September,01-November,01-March,27006
Bachelor of Sociology with CriminologySociology with Criminology, Law & Social PolicyNon-ThesisSocial & Behavioural Sciencebachelors4January,September,01-November,01-March,27006
Bachelor of EconomicsEconomicsNon-ThesisSocial & Behavioural Sciencebachelors4January,September,01-November,01-March,27006
Bachelor of SociologySociologyNon-ThesisSocial & Behavioural Sciencebachelors4January,September,01-November,01-March,27006
Bachelor of Sociology in Criminology, Law & Social Policy (Hons)Sociology in Criminology, Law & Social PolicyNon-ThesisSocial & Behavioural Sciencebachelors 4January,September,01-November,01-March,27006
Bachelor of Sociology (Hons)SociologyNon-ThesisSocial & Behavioural Sciencebachelors 4January,September,01-November,01-March,27006
Bachelor of PsychologyPsychologySocial & Behavioural Sciencebachelors4January,September,01-November,01-March,27006
Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)PsychologySocial & Behavioural Sciencebachelors4January,September,01-November,01-March,27006

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