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The Berlin University of Technology is a tertiary education and primary institution of the TU9 body based in Berlin, Germany. Moreover, it was the pioneer institution in Germany to use the moniker “Technische Universität.” Numerous US National education partners, two National Medal of Science laureates, and ten Nobel award winners are on the Tu Berlin graduates and professors lists. Two European-approved innovation advanced research schools are located at the Berlin institute of technology. In addition, the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Energy refers to the university as an Entrepreneurial Institute.

The Tu Berlin ranking is 330 in the world’s best 500 universities list. Also, It has the 13th spot in the technical university of Berlin ranking in Germany. In addition, the TU Berlin world ranking or the TU Berlin QS ranking is 158. However, because of the 20-30% Tu Berlin acceptance rate, all applicants worldwide have a great possibility of getting accepted.

A list of officially recognized Technical University of Berlin undergraduate courses are available. Moreover, all Technical University of Berlin bachelor programs place a strong emphasis on applied learning to increase job prospects. Furthermore, the Technical University of Berlin University library is famous for its books and journals. The technical university of berlin scholarship for international students programs offers performance and foreign scholarships for all degrees. Check for updates on the Tu Berlin fees on the website for Technical University of Berlin international students. Other facilities include the Tu Berlin gym, accommodation, and administrative services.

Technical university of Berlin courses

  1. technical university of berlin computer science
  2. technical university of berlin chemistry faculty
  3. technical university of berlin automotive engineering
  4. technical university of berlin architecture
  5. technical university of berlin data science
  6. technical university of berlin mba
  7. technical university of berlin bachelor programs
  8. technical university of berlin mechanical engineering
  9. technical university of berlin chemical engineering
  10. technical university of berlin electrical engineering
  11. technical university of berlin biomedical engineering

TU Berlin campus

Charlottenburg Campus

Wedding Campus

EUREF Campus

Dalhem campus

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Visa Fee

75 Euros

Medical appointment details

Not Applicable

Funds/ bank statement requirements

11,200 Euros (Blocked Amount)

Living Cost

11,200 Euros


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