Foundation Program in Germany

Foundation Program in Germany

Foundation Year in Germany — Studienkolleg

Every country has its own way of teaching and curriculum. The problem is two countries have different curricula: Board or Cambridge. For that, each country has its own way of accepting the international curriculum. In Germany, the Foundation preparatory courses are called Studienkollegs. It accepts the other curriculum by offering the foundation program. Students can go for fee-paying programs organized by private colleges, or to public ones, i.e. which are almost free. The education system is the same in both educational institutions, with the exception of a few points: to attend fee-paying preparatory courses it is not necessary to take any exams and the requirements for German language knowledge are much lower than in public programs.

To enter any free-of-charge universities department, an applicant will have to provide the TestDaF certificate, Goethe Zertifikat, etc. that confirms his/her knowledge of German at least at the B2 level. Moreover, applicants take an entrance exam consisting of several tasks (reading, listening, writing, speaking, and grammar knowledge checking). In private colleges, the Studienkolleg course will cost per year. Studying at a public education institution is free of charge, an entrant only needs to pay a semester fee of about 824 USD. The Foundation course at German universities is intensive, future students will have to study for 28-32 hours a week.

Foundation Year Admission Requirements

Entry requirements: Completion of high school in your country with good grades

or A level with 4 subjects (1 subject can be local language)

Cost of Foundation Year in Germany

Public education institution is free of charge, an entrant only needs to pay a semester fee of about 824 USD.

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