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CODE University of Applied Sciences leads in innovation and quality in higher education, situated right in the center of Berlin. Founded to redefine the conventional university experience. CODE provides a distinctive method of instruction that blends academic rigor with real-world relevance and practical application. With an emphasis on creativity, entrepreneurship, and technology. CODE equips students with the knowledge, abilities, and way of thinking necessary to succeed in the digital age. With industry relationships, multidisciplinary collaboration, and project-based learning. CODE equips its students to become innovators, problem solvers, and changemakers in their areas. CODE University of Applied Sciences is a progressive and dynamic organization dedicated to influencing education and enabling people to impact society positively. The CODE University of Applied Sciences carefully selects its Arts & Humanities programs to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

CODE University Of Applied Science
CODE University Of Applied Science

The Arts & Humanities programs of CODE University of Applied Sciences are thoughtfully chosen to promote multidisciplinary cooperation, critical thinking, and creativity. Pupils study various subjects, such as philosophy, art, history, literature, and cultural studies. Students investigate the intricacies of human expression, societal systems, and historical context through creative coursework, practical projects, and field trips. The programs prepare students for various career routes in industries like journalism, publishing, media, arts administration, and cultural institutions with an emphasis on practical application and real-world applicability. Proficiency instructors, both academic academics and practitioners in the field. Offer students mentorship and support to ensure they acquire the skills and insights needed to succeed in the ever-evolving arts and humanities. The Arts and Humanities Programs at CODE University

List of Arts & Humanities Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Berlin Bachelor of Arts In Interaction DesignInteraction DesignArts & Humanitiesbachelors310922February,August,15-July,tbc

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