Corvinus University of Budapest Business & Management Programs

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One of Hungary’s most well-known and esteemed universities, Corvinus University of Budapest, is in Budapest. This offers top-notch education in the social sciences, business, and economics departments. It was initially established as the Hungarian Royal University of Economics in 1920. It saw multiple name changes and alterations to reflect the nation’s historical changes and growing academic breadth. The university’s main campus is in a scenic neighborhood by the Danube River. In addition to focusing primarily on business administration, economics, and social sciences. It offers various undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees in international relations, political science, and sociology.

Corvinus University of Budapest
Corvinus University of Budapest

One of Hungary’s top universities, Corvinus University of Budapest, provides outstanding undergraduate and graduate business and management programs that prepare students for the global marketplace’s intricacies. The undergraduate curriculum provides a thorough foundation in fundamental business subjects, such as economics, accounting, finance, marketing, and management. The curriculum blends case studies, group projects, and internships to bridge the gap between academic ideas and realistic business practices, emphasizing theoretical knowledge and practical abilities. Advanced courses in international business, ethics, and strategic management prepare students for managerial roles.

Corvinus University of Budapest Business & Management Programs, through its specialized Master’s programs including an MBA, MSc in Marketing, and MSc in Finance, continues to excel at the postgraduate level. These programs equip students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills in their field of study. They stand out for their rigorous academic standards and their focus on global business issues. Experienced faculty members, who have strong professional networks, lead them and use active learning techniques. The university’s commitment to research and innovation is evident in its state-of-the-art resources, extensive digital libraries, and dynamic partnerships with industry leaders.

List of Business & Management Programs

Undergraduate Programs

BudapestBachelor of Business & ManagementBusiness & ManagementBusiness & Managementbachelors3.56400
BudapestBachelor of International BusinessInternational BusinessBusiness & Managementbachelors46400

Postgraduate Programs

BudapestMaster of Business InformaticsBusiness InformaticsBusiness & Managementmasters27200
BudapestMaster of FinanceFinanceBusiness & Managementmasters27200
BudapestMaster of International Economy & BusinessInternational Economy & BusinessBusiness & Managementmasters25800
BudapestMaster of Management & LeadershipManagement & LeadershipBusiness & Managementmasters27200
BudapestMaster of MarketingMarketingBusiness & Managementmasters27200
BudapestMaster of Political EconomyPolitical EconomyBusiness & Managementmasters25800
BudapestMaster of Public Policy & ManagementPublic Policy & ManagementBusiness & Managementmasters25800
BudapestMaster of Supply Chain ManagementSupply Chain ManagementBusiness & Managementmasters25800
BudapestMaster of Business AdministrationBusiness AdministrationBusiness & Managementmasters27600
BudapestMaster of Marketing Strategy & InnovationMarketing Strategy & InnovationBusiness & Managementmasters110800
BudapestMaster of Advanced Supply Chain ManagementAdvanced Supply Chain ManagementBusiness & Managementmasters110800

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