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Foundation Program in Ireland

Foundation Program in Ireland

Foundation in Ireland

The Foundation program in Ireland, like in most other countries, includes three components: learning English for academic purposes, training in core subjects, and studying skills development. The program duration does not usually exceed 36 weeks. The intensity of classes hovers around 20-26 hours per week.

Entry Requirements For Foundation in Ireland

Completion of high school in your country with good grades.

Cambridge O Levels: 5 passes at A-C in relevant subjects, with a minimum C in Maths.

A-Levels: Low grades can be accepted for admission in the foundation program.

IELTS Requirements for Foundation in Ireland

An applicant must already know the language at the intermediate level and have at least 5.0 points at the IELTS exam.

If an entrant cannot get the required score in IELTS he/she should definitely do a language course either at the chosen university or at language schools in Ireland or in his/her native country.

Foundation Year Programmes in Ireland (si-ireland.in)

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