Goethe University Frankfurt Business & Management Programs

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Goethe University, located in Frankfurt, Germany, strives to excel academically and promote innovation. Since its founding in 1914. The institution has developed into a preeminent hub for teaching, research, and scholarship that draws academics and students worldwide. Goethe University Frankfurt allows students to participate in cutting-edge research, interdisciplinary cooperation. And experiential learning through a wide choice of programs covering multiple disciplines. The institution offers a dynamic and engaging academic atmosphere where students can pursue their intellectual ambitions and develop their full potential under the direction of renowned faculty members who are leaders in their professions. The Goethe University Frankfurt promotes critical thinking, creativity, and global citizenship while upholding its academic heritage. Goethe University Frankfurt offers a broad range of business and management programs that are all designed to get students ready for success in the fast-paced, global business world of today.

Goethe University Frankfurt
Goethe University Frankfurt

A wide selection of business and management programs are available at Goethe University Frankfurt. All aimed at preparing students for success in today’s fast-paced, international business world. Under the guidance of accomplished educators who are leaders in their domains. These courses give students a strong basis in business theory, strategy, and application. Students get critical thinking, decision-making, and leadership skills through case studies, theoretical courses, and hands-on projects. Goethe University Frankfurt’s dedication to providing top-notch business education guarantees its graduates are prepared to successfully traverse the business world’s intricacies and propel their organizations forward. The knowledge and abilities gained by Goethe University Frankfurt’s Business & Management Program alums enable them to succeed in various fields, including finance, marketing, consulting, and entrepreneurship.  

List of Business & Management Programs

Postgraduate Programs

FrankfurtMaster of Science In Business AdministrationBusiness AdministrationBusiness & Management masters20October,15-May,
FrankfurtMaster of Science In International Management International ManagementBusiness & Management masters20October,15-May,
Frankfurt Master of Science In Quantitative AccountingQuantitative AccountingBusiness & Management masters20October,31-May,
Frankfurt Master of Science In Quantitative Economics Quantitative EconomicsBusiness & Management masters20October,31-May,
Frankfurt Master of Science In Quantitative Finance Quantitative Finance Business & Management masters20October,31-May,
Frankfurt Master of Science In Quantitative MarketingQuantitative MarketingBusiness & Management masters20October,31-May,
FrankfurtMaster of Science In Business Computer ScienceBusiness Computer ScienceBusiness & Management masters20April,October,15-January,15-June,

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