Institute of Technology Sligo Computer & IT Programs

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The Institute of Technology Sligo was founded in 1970. Amid the rural surroundings of County Sligo lies an excellent example of academic brilliance and creativity in Ireland’s educational scene. Founded to empower people via education, IT Sligo has developed into a vibrant center for teaching, research, and innovation. The institute has consistently grown its infrastructure and academic programs to meet the various needs of both businesses and students. IT Sligo provides industry-focused education that fosters creativity and helps students reach their full potential. The institute dedicates itself to providing top-notch instruction and research opportunities.

Institute of Technology Sligo
Institute of Technology Sligo

Offering a wide range of innovative undergraduate computer and information technology (IT) programs, the Institute of Technology Sligo (IT Sligo) aims to provide students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in the quickly changing digital landscape. These programs combine theory and practical skills to prepare graduates for computer industry careers. Keeping up with industry trends and advancements is fundamental to IT Sligo’s undergraduate computer and IT programs. The curriculum, updated often to include the newest techniques and technology, reflects this.
The instructors at IT Sligo are leaders in their domains, bringing a plethora of knowledge from academia and business to the classroom. In this dynamic learning environment, we encourage students to explore their interests, pose questions, and push the boundaries of their understanding. Small class sizes make Personalized attention and mentorship possible, guaranteeing that every student gets the help they require to succeed. IT Sligo provides a variety of extracurricular events and chances for students to interact with the larger tech community in addition to the academic program. These include industry visits, hackathons, guest lectures, workshops, and networking events, which allow students to interact with professionals and learn about the business practically.

List of Computer & IT Programs

Undergraduate Programs

CampusCourse NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Main CampusBachelor of ComputingComputingComputer & ITbachelors3September,10500
Main CampusBachelor of Computer Networks & Cyber SecurityComputer Networks & Cyber SecurityComputer & ITbachelors3September,10500
Main CampusBachelor of Software DevelopmentSoftware DevelopmentComputer & ITbachelors3September,10500
Main CampusBachelor of Games DevelopmentGames DevelopmentComputer & ITbachelors3September,10500
Main CampusBachelor of Computer Networks & Cyber Security Computer Networks & Cyber SecurityComputer & ITbachelors4September,10500
Main CampusBachelor of Software Development Software DevelopmentComputer & ITbachelors4September,10500
Main CampusBachelor of ComputingComputingComputer & ITbachelors4September,10500

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