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ICD Business School is a paragon of academic quality and professional development in business education. University dedicates itself to developing tomorrow’s leaders through a comprehensive and forward-thinking curriculum, founded on ideals of innovation, diversity, and entrepreneurship. ICD Business School’s educational approach incorporates a worldwide perspective, preparing students to confidently and agilely manage the complexity of today’s business landscape. Its faculty, comprised of prominent scholars and experienced industry experts, offers a wealth of knowledge and skills to the classroom, promoting an environment of intellectual inquiry and practical application.

ICD Business School
ICD Business School

ICD Business School offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate business and management programs, all geared toward providing students with the information, skills, and practical experience they need to succeed in today’s dynamic global business environment. Undergraduate students can pursue Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, International Business, Human Resource Management, and Entrepreneurship. These programs give a strong foundation in key business ideas while allowing for specialization through elective courses and hands-on projects.
ICD Business School provides various postgraduate programs, including Master’s degrees in Business Administration (MBA), Finance, Marketing, Management, and International Business. Programs for recent graduates and mid-career professionals to improve skills and expand careers. Postgraduate students benefit from industry-relevant coursework, internships, and networking opportunities, preparing them for leadership roles in various sectors. ICD Business School takes pride in its creative approach to education.The program offers a balanced approach between academic excellence and practical application. This ensures that students are fully prepared to tackle the demands of modern business. The faculty is made up of seasoned professionals and industry experts who share their real-life expertise in the classroom. This lively learning environment encourages students to think critically, work together efficiently, and create innovative solutions to intricate business issues.

List of Business & Management Programs

Undergraduate Programs

CampusCourse NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Main CampusBachelor of Business Studies (Hons)Business Studies Business & Managementbachelors4February,September,7500
Main CampusBachelor of Accounting & Finance (Hons)Accounting & FinanceBusiness & Managementbachelors3February,September,7500

Postgraduate Programs

CampusCourse NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Main CampusMaster of Accounting & FinanceAccounting & FinanceBusiness & Managementmasters2February,September,6000

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