La Trobe University Physical Science & Math Programs

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La Trobe University is a university in Melbourne, Australia, renowned for its high-caliber education. Founded in 1964, it is famous for its dedication to social engagement, high-quality research, and innovation. La Trobe provides a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various subjects. Including the arts, humanities, social sciences, business, law, education, health sciences, science, engineering, and technology. The La Trobe University, which prioritizes offering an inclusive and encouraging learning environment. Is home to a growing global community of scholars and students. The institution is proud of its robust research culture. With research institutes and centers progressing fields like social policy, cybersecurity, sustainability, and biomedical science. The La Trobe University is renowned for its robust partnerships and industrial ties. La Trobe University’s Physical Science and Math departments offer rigorous, state-of-the-art instruction that explores the fundamental laws governing the natural world.

La Trobe University
La Trobe University

The Physical Science and Math programs at La Trobe University provide a demanding and cutting-edge education that delves into the fundamental laws regulating the natural world. These programs, which cover subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics, and statistics. Give students the analytical and problem-solving skills they need to take on challenging scientific problems. From the subatomic to the cosmic scale, students study the laws and theories governing the cosmos through practical experimentation, theoretical investigation, and computer modeling. Graduates at La Trobe University are well-prepared for various career routes, including research, industry, education, and technology, thanks to the university’s emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration and practical applications. To become more competitive in the employment market, students can gain practical experience and insights through internships, industry placements, and access to cutting-edge laboratories and research facilities.

List of Physical Science & Math Programs

Undergraduate Programs

CampusCourse NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
MelbourneBachelor of Arts in Sustainability & DevelopmentSustainability & DevelopmentPhysical Science & Mathbachelors3March,July,32600
BendigoBachelor of Planning (Hons)PlanningPhysical Science & Mathbachelors4March,July,32600
MelbourneBachelor of ScienceSciencePhysical Science & Mathbachelors3March,July,39000
BendigoBachelor of ScienceSciencePhysical Science & Mathbachelors3March,July,39000
MelbourneBachelor of Science (Hons)SciencePhysical Science & Mathbachelors1February,39000
Albury WodongaBachelor of Science (Hons)SciencePhysical Science & Mathbachelors1February,39000
BendigoBachelor of Science (Hons)SciencePhysical Science & Mathbachelors1February,39000

Postgraduate Programs

CampusCourse NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
MelbourneMaster of Chemical ScienceChemical SciencePhysical Science & Mathmasters2March,July,41600
BendigoMaster of PlanningPlanningPhysical Science & Mathmasters2March,July,35600

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