Liverpool John Moores University Social & Behavioural Science Postgraduate Programs

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Established in the thriving metropolis of Liverpool, United Kingdom, Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) is a progressive and energetic university. Since its establishment in 1992, LJMU has quickly gained a reputation for dedicating itself to scholarly achievement. Conducting innovative research, and creating a welcoming atmosphere for students. The university seeks to give students an unforgettable educational experience by offering various undergraduate and graduate programs in numerous fields. LJMU takes excellent satisfaction in its commitment to diversity, employability, and community involvement. Which equips graduates to succeed in their chosen industries and make significant contributions to society. Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) provides a wide range of social and behavioural science postgraduate programs that are highly attractive.


These programs offer specialized and advanced education for those looking to gain a deeper grasp of societal dynamics and human behavior. LJMU’s faculty, comprised of accomplished academics and professionals, actively covers a wide range of topics in the postgraduate curriculum, including psychology, sociology, criminology, and social policy, showcasing their hard work and dedication. One unique aspect is the focus on applied learning, including chances for research projects, fieldwork, and interaction with social issues. LJMU actively designs the Social and Behavioral Sciences postgraduate programs to stay current with the most recent findings and advancements, preparing graduates for influential positions in academia, research facilities, and other sectors. This aggressive approach ensures that students are equipped with up-to-date knowledge and skills, making them highly sought after in their in relation industries.

List of Liverpool John Moores University Social & Behavioural Science Postgraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of Cities Culture &CreativityCities Culture &CreativitySocial &Behavioural Science masters1September,16900
Master of Criminology &Social PolicyCriminology &Social PolicySocial &Behavioural Science masters1September,17750
Master of Cities Culture &CreativityCities Culture &CreativitySocial &Behavioural Science masters1September,16900
Master of Criminal Psychology &Criminal JusticeCriminal Psychology &Criminal JusticeSocial &Behavioural Science masters1September,16100
Master of Forensic &Investigative PsychologyForensic &Investigative PsychologySocial &Behavioural Science masters1September,17400
Master of Forensic AnthropologyForensic AnthropologySocial &Behavioural Science masters1September,17400
Master of International RelationsInternational RelationsSocial &Behavioural Science masters1September,16900
Master of JournalismJournalismSocial &Behavioural Science masters1September,16900
Master of Policing &Criminal InvestigationPolicing &Criminal InvestigationSocial &Behavioural Science masters1September,16900
Master of Positive Psychology &WellbeingPositive Psychology &WellbeingSocial &Behavioural Science masters1September,17400
Master of Social WorkSocial WorkSocial &Behavioural Science masters2September,17400
Master of Sport PsychologySport PsychologySocial &Behavioural Science masters1September,17400
Master of Sports JournalismSports JournalismSocial &Behavioural Science masters1September,16900
Master of Urban DesignUrban DesignSocial &Behavioural Science masters1September,16900

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