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PHD scholarships at Monash University

Monash University Scholarship 2024-2025 is a fully financed foreign student award. It is available for master’s and doctoral research programs. 

Monash University

Raydon Graduate Research Scholarships

This outstanding scholarship award aims to assist a Ph.D. student with living expenses while studying at Monash.

Total scholarship value$40,480 p.a.
Applicationscloses 31 October each year
Number offered2 per year, out of which one in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) and one in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines.


The MKS provides:

  1. a living allowance 
  2. a research allowance
  3. a relocation allowance if eligible

Selection criteria:
Monash scholarships are very competitive and are given out depending on your academic record, research results, and past research experience.


  1. An Australian citizen
  2. A New Zealand citizen
  3. Australian permanent resident
  4. Australian humanitarian visa holder
  5. An International student

You must meet the following criteria:

  1. have filed a scholarship application in the present year.
  2. comply with the standards of Monash’s competitive scholarship selection procedure; and
  3. meet Monash’s English language proficiency requirements.

How to apply

Application for graduate research scholarships is made when applying for your course unless you are already studying. A single application serves as a basis for both admission and scholarship. You do not need to mention which scholarship you are applying for because you are automatically evaluated for all graduate research scholarships (where acceptable).

Note: This valuable scholarship is only available during the 31 October scholarship round. This scholarship will be automatically evaluated for eligible applicants from Rounds 1 through 4 (of the same year).

Monash University-Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC) Joint Scholarship

This collaborative funding program allows outstanding Pakistani students to pursue Ph.D. and research degrees at Monash.
The initiative intends to meet Pakistan’s demand for competent engineers, technicians, and scientists in high-tech sectors, as well as to strengthen universities, R&D organizations, and companies.


HEC will provide:

  1. An annual living allowance;
  2. Overseas Student Health Cover; and
  3. One international return flight on the most cost-effective route.

Furthermore, Monash will give (for a maximum of four years):

  1. A full tuition fee faculty sponsorship and
  2. A supplementary (top-up) living allowance up to the RTP stipend rate to support students whilst in Australia.

Note: The living allowance begins upon arrival in Australia and cannot be going back for students who begin their studies while abroad.

Selection criteria

 Monash scholarships are very competitive and are accessible depending on your academic record, research results, and past research experience.


  1. You must be a Pakistani citizen or permanent resident at the time of your application.
  2. When applying to HEC, you must not have an offer of admission.
  3. Satisfy HEC selection requirements, apply to HEC for financing, and get selected for a scholarship by HEC.
  4. Meet Monash’s competitive scholarship selection process requirements   and
  5. Meet Monash English language requirements

How to apply

In the first instance, you must complete and submit a financing application directly to HEC.
You may apply directly to Monash after receiving confirmation of nomination. Please keep in mind that you must first get an invitation to apply from the relevant faculty as part of your application.
Please ensure that you thoroughly read the application instructions and submit your application before the deadline.

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