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Study Abroad After High School

Study Abroad After High School

Studying abroad means studying in a foreign country after college.

You may think that why is this necessary to study in a foreign country in a different language?

Reason to Study Abroad

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1. Meet people from all over the world

2. Experience world-class education

3. Develop as a person 

4. Boost your employment prospects

5. Join an international student community

6. Make global connections

7. Improve your language skills

8. Travel

9. Discover new traditions and foods

10. Gain a unique perspective   

Although studying abroad might seem scary right now, isn’t it scarier to stay in one place for the rest of your life, never really knowing what’s out opportunities are out there?

First of all, if I wanna go after High school, I should start applying at least 4 to 6 months before the university intake. That’s the time my application would go.

Now, what are the requirements?

First of all

  1. I need to appear on SAT
  2. Secondly, I need to appear in IELTS or TOFEL which is an English Language test
  3. Third, they would look at my past academic profile 9th 10th 11th or whatever it is
  4.   And then finally they would look at my profile

So, if I am looking at may be doing Computer Engineering or any program

 they would be bothered to understand did I submit the research project? did I do something exceptional for computer science? so that they can see that this is a demonstrated interest in the particular field, I mean everything around that they would look at and also interestingly they would look at

what is the statement of purpose you are writing,

how dose application really looks like, in term of your essay,

in term of letter of recommendations.

But not all universities are asking for Research project or Exceptional work for admission.

So, there is a whole gamut of activities one has to undergo to ensure your application is complete, accepted and people are willing to give you a place in their university.

Scholarship is available…! Absolutely……. a lot of people are worried about scholarship, up to 100% scholarship are available in the world universities, I mean Cornell university offers you 100% scholarship and lot of options are available.

Why don’t we try that, because?

  1.  first of all, we are absolutely ignorant about it. 
  2. Secondly, we never consulted

somebody who is expert in that area, people like us would be able to help you, understand & guide you the entire process because it is a cumber some process, especially in Pakistan where you appear for the test and you get into merit list.

So, there are a whole lot of process which are involved and you have to plan ahead, to get into these universities. Tiresome process but opportunities galore.

What area can I get into?

  1. I Can get into engineering?
  2. I can get into linguistic
  3. I can get into psychology
  4. I can do applied economic & Accounting
  5. I can do Archology
  6. I can do history
  7. I can do journalism

 too many options exit.

University abroad offer you that plethora options of interacting with people across the world. Grooming yourself & maybe exploring your ideas in doing something else.

There is another area which is called Liberal Arts, lot of people come & talk to us as counselor. saying that, I am not sure about should I do that? Should I explore this or how do I decide? we suggest that such people can take admission in course called Liberal Arts.

Where in the first year, they will be exposed to multiple areas or streamers. Once you start going through those streams, you can decide, which area I should choose.

Some Area like data Science Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, they are getting momentum but the other areas also, traditional areas also, they are doing pretty well,

if your very serious about study abroad options after high School, which are available in the Australia, Canada, Europe, Ireland, Newzeland, USA, Uk everywhere, there are too many options.

and the university admission result start appearing much before your High School results are announced, so you can actually have opportunity to reject or choose your desire university and program.

you can explore these options please go ahead Explore them

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