University of Bradford Arts & Humanities Postgraduate Programs

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The University of Bradford Arts & Humanities Postgraduate Programs, Founded in 1966 in the center of West Yorkshire, the United Kingdom, is a shining example of intellectual brilliance. Entering the world of Arts and humanities at this prestigious university you will find an environment. That combines creativity, critical thinking, and cultural exploration. The postgraduate programs in the humanities and arts aim to help you reach new academic heights by giving you a platform for critical analysis and in-depth study. These programs offer a wide range of options. Catering to various interests such as the timeless appeal of literature. The intricacies of historical narratives, the artistry of creative expression, the visual storytelling domains of film and television. The study of languages and linguistics, or the quest for internationally peace and justice.


The postgraduate degree in history comprehensively investigates world things, historical periods, and the complex connections between the past and present. Get an in-depth understanding of the complex connections that have built this world. Participate in historical discourse, and conduct critical assessments. The Creative Writing program is an excellent way for people. Who love to tell stories to improve their storytelling abilities, try out new formats, and add to the rich fabric of literary expression. Talented writers can refine their craft in workshops. Seminars, and advanced creative projects. In visual storytelling, students enrolled in the Film and Television Studies degree are tasked with critically analyzing tales from both film and television.

List of University of Bradford Arts & Humanities Postgraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of Archaeological Science Archaeological Science Arts & Humanitiesmasters1September,22180
Master of Archaeology & IdentityArchaeology & IdentityArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,22180
Master of Film MakingFilm MakingArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,23028
Master of Landscape Archaeology & Digital HeritageLandscape Archaeology & Digital HeritageArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,22180

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