University of Bradford Physical Science & Math Postgraduate Programs

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The University of Bradford Physical Science & Math Postgraduate programs Founded in 1966 in the center of West Yorkshire, the United Kingdom, it is a shining example of intellectual brilliance. Entering the world of physical science & math at this institute, you will find an environment. That combines creativity, critical thinking, and cultural exploration. The University of Bradford’s mathematics and physical sciences. For students looking to expand their knowledge, carry out creative studies, and advance in science and mathematics. These postgraduate programs offer a unique and demanding experience. Based on a dedication to creativity and excellence in research, these programs provide a framework for further study and specialization.


The University of Bradford’s postgraduate programs in mathematics and physical sciences offer a unique chance for those interested in further research and study in these exciting fields. These programs are carefully developed to provide a complete and comprehensive education that transcends traditional educational limits. The postgraduate program, characterized by research excellence, allows students to work on modern topics and contribute significantly to scientific and mathematical investigation. The multidisciplinary nature of the programs creates a comprehensive understanding of complicated processes, which promotes teamwork across scientific areas. Under the guidance of seasoned faculty members who are experts in their domains, postgraduate students conduct groundbreaking research with access to modern labs, advanced computer resources, and an inviting learning atmosphere. These institutions focus on specialized study and research to prepare graduates for leadership positions in academic, business, and research institutes.

List of University of Bradford Physical Science & Math Postgraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of Materials ChemistryMaterial ChemistryPhysical Science & Mathmasters1September,23028
Master of Occupational ScienceOccupational SciencePhysical Science & Mathmasters1September,19494

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