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The University of Chicago is a private research university in Chicago, Illinois. The university’s main campus is in the Hyde Park district of Chicago. The American Baptist Education Society incorporated the University of Chicago as a coeducational university in 1890. Out of 439 National Universities, the University of Chicago holds the #12th position. Moreover, the QS world ranking has placed the University of Chicago at number eleven in the World University Ranking. The University also comes 22nd in the World University Ranking 2023 by US News & World Report Global Universities. The acceptance rate at UChicago was approximately 5.4%.

The University of Chicago

Entry requirements for undergraduate

Official diplomas and certificates, or certified copies thereof, must be shown by applicants. For all degrees, applicants must also provide comprehensive mark sheets that include the work they performed for each year.

International baccalaureate: minimum IB of 30 to stand a good chance of getting admission.

A-levels: AAB—ABB—BCC

English language requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate

IELTS: A band score of 7.0 or above is the requirement for each section, with a minimum score of 7.0 required.

TOEFL: 25 or more in every section.

PTE: a total score of 54 (speaking, 47, writing, 56, and listening).

University of Chicago fees

With an annual tuition of $61,900, the University of Chicago is among the most costly universities in the United States. Both foreign students and legal residents pay the same tuition. There isn’t any distinction.

Undergraduate tuition fees

Arts Degree: $63,801
Architecture: $63,801
Business Degree: $63,801
Engineering Degree: $63,801
Education: $63,801
Health Sciences: $63,801
Law: $63,801
Nursing: $63,801
Physiotherapy: $63,801
Psychology: $63,801
Science Degree: $63,801 


Arts Degree:  $20,657
Architecture:  $20,657
Business Degree:  $20,657
Engineering Degree:  $20,657
Education:  $20,657
Health Sciences: $20,657
Law: $20,657
Science Degree: $20,657
Project Management: $20,657
Renewable Energy: $20,657
Data Science: $20,657
Psychology: $20,657
Nursing: $20,657
Public Health: $20,657  

University of Chicago scholarships for undergraduate and graduate

Awards for excellent success in internships include

President’s Scholar: $5,000 for graduate-level coursework, an internship, or a summer special research project for each of the two summers before the second, third, or fourth year.

Dean’s Scholar: $5,000 for graduate-level coursework, an internship, or a summer special research project before a student’s second, third, or fourth year.

University Merit Scholarships

Value: $2,000.

  1. Merit scholarships at the university are for exceptional students depending on their exceptional extracurricular and academic performance, leadership qualities, and community service.
  2. The committee decides merit prizes based only on the admissions application; financial need is not considered.
  3. The amount of these scholarships varies, but candidates should anticipate receiving a merit scholarship worth at least $2,000.
  4. Funding for summer chances or four years of undergraduate school might be provided by scholarships.
  5. All students who might need financial assistance for their studies are urged to apply for need-based aid, as the majority of financial aid at UChicago is given out based on need.

Without the need to submit a separate application, all first-year students are immediately considered for all available merit awards. Merit-based scholarships are not available to transfer students. Through the end of April, scholarship awardees will be notified of their rewards on a rolling basis. Note that notification is limited to scholarship winners only.

First Phoenix Scholarship

Under the First Phoenix Scholarship program, all first-generation college students will receive a $20,000 scholarship spread over four years. Students who have parents who did not complete a four-year college or university degree are eligible to receive awards. If an applicant meets the requirements, they won’t need to submit anything more than the admissions application to be immediately considered.

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