University of Edinburgh Law Undergraduate Programs

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As a global leader in academic achievement, the University of Edinburgh is well-known for its innovative research, active intellectual community. It is one of the oldest and most esteemed colleges in the United Kingdom, founded in 1582. Located in the center of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, the university draws students from all over the world with its wide selection of undergraduate and graduate programs in numerous subject areas. The University of Edinburgh is dedicated to fostering innovation, diversity, and excellence in teaching and research. It enables its students to become leaders in their domains and catalysts for constructive social change. Undergraduate law programs at the University of Edinburgh give students a thorough understanding of legal theories and procedures.

University of Edinburgh
University of Edinburgh

Students study various legal topics, including contract law, criminal law, constitutional law, and international law. Through theoretical, hands-on, and experiential learning. Students gain the legal reasoning, argumentation, and critical thinking skills necessary for success in the legal field under the guidance of seasoned professors and professionals. Undergraduates at the University of Edinburgh receive access to cutting-edge facilities, participate in moot court contests and internships, and develop practical experience and hands-on skills that equip them for various career pathways in law, government, business, and other fields. With a focus on social justice, professional accountability, and ethical behavior, the institution provides graduates with the knowledge and

List of University of Edinburgh Law Undergraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Bachelor of Law & AccountancyLaw & AccountancyLawbachelors4September,24500
Bachelor of Law & Accountancy with Study AbroadLaw & AccountancyLawbachelors5September,24500
Bachelor of Law & BusinessLaw & BusinessLawbachelors4September,24500
Bachelor of Law & Business with Study AbroadLaw & BusinessLawbachelors5September,24500
Bachelor of Law & CelticLaw & CelticLawbachelors4September,24500
Bachelor of Law & Celtic with Study AbroadLaw & CelticLawbachelors5September,24500
Bachelor of Law & FrenchLaw & FrenchLawbachelors4September,24500
Bachelor of Law & French with Study AbroadLaw & FrenchLawbachelors5September,24500
Bachelor of Law & GermanLaw & GermanLawbachelors4September,24500
Bachelor of Law & German with Study AbroadLaw & GermanLawbachelors5September,24500
Bachelor of Law & HistoryLaw & HistoryLawbachelors4September,24500
Bachelor of Law & History with Study AbroadLaw & HistoryLawbachelors5September,24500
Bachelor of Law & International RelationsLaw & International RelationsLawbachelors4September,24500
Bachelor of Law & International Relations with Study AbroadLaw & International RelationsLawbachelors5September,24500
Bachelor of Law & PoliticsLaw & PoliticsLawbachelors4September,24500
Bachelor of Law & Politics with Study AbroadLaw & PoliticsLawbachelors5September,24500
Bachelor of Law & Social AnthropologyLaw & Social AnthropologyLawbachelors4September,24500
Bachelor of Law & Social Anthropology with Study AbroadLaw & Social AnthropologyLawbachelors5September,24500
Bachelor of Law & Social PolicyLaw & Social PolicyLawbachelors4September,24500
Bachelor of Law & Social Policy with Study AbroadLaw & Social PolicyLawbachelors5September,24500
Bachelor of Law & SociologyLaw & SociologyLawbachelors4September,24500
Bachelor of Law & Sociology with Study AbroadLaw & SociologyLawbachelors5September,24500
Bachelor of Law & SpanishLaw & SpanishLawbachelors4September,24500
Bachelor of Law & Spanish with Study AbroadLaw & SpanishLawbachelors5September,24500
Bachelor of Law (Graduate Entry)LawLawbachelors2September,23110
Bachelor of Law in Law (Ordinary & Hons )LawLawbachelors4September,24500

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