University of Hohenheim Physical Science & Math Programs

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Situated in Stuttgart, Germany, the University of Hohenheim is a pillar of academic distinction with a prosperous 1818 founding history. Hohenheim is well-known for its emphasis on agricultural science and its contributions to natural and social science research. It also represents a dedication to promoting innovation, sustainability, and global engagement. The university provides a supportive and vibrant atmosphere for both learning and research. The campus is nestled amidst lush greenery and modern amenities. Hohenheim is making strides in agriculture and interdisciplinary approaches to climate change and food security on local and global stages.

University of Hohenheim
University of Hohenheim

The University of Hohenheim provides a wide range of postgraduate programs to meet the needs of students interested in pursuing further mathematics and physical science studies. These courses aim to create a demanding learning atmosphere where students engage with cutting-edge research, employ creative approaches, and explore multidisciplinary viewpoints. Students benefit from an outstanding academic legacy combined with contemporary teaching methodologies, whether they are pursuing advanced studies in physics, chemistry, mathematics, or allied areas. The dedication to excellence in theoretical comprehension and real-world application is at the core of these programs. Students develop critical thinking abilities, problem-solving techniques, and a thorough grasp of the underlying ideas guiding the physical universe and mathematical phenomena through rigorous coursework, seminars, and practical laboratory experiences. 

List of Physical Science & Math Programs

Postgraduate Programs

CampusCourse nameSpecializationDisciplineDegree levelDuration yearsFee per yearIntake monthDeadline date
StuttgartMaster of Environmental Protection & Agricultural Food ProductionEnvironmental ProtectionPhysical Science & Mathmasters23000October,15-March,
StuttgartMaster of Environmental Science - Soil, Water & BiodiversityEnvironmental Science - Soil, Water & BiodiversityPhysical Science & Mathmasters23000October,15-March,
StuttgartMaster of Earth & Climate System ScienceEarth & Climate System SciencePhysical Science & Mathmasters23000October,15-May,

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