University of Plymouth Arts & Humanities Postgraduate Programs

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Nestled on England’s scenic South West coast, the University of Plymouth is a shining example of academic innovation and quality. The university, which has a long history since 1862, has developed into a vibrant. Progressive organization renowned for its dedication to community involvement, education, and research. Committed to providing students with an unforgettable educational experience. The University of Plymouth offers various undergraduate and graduate programs across many fields. Modern facilities, innovative research projects, and a welcoming academic community make it the perfect intellectual and personal development setting. The postgraduate arts and humanities programs of the University of Plymouth are the pinnacle of dedication to cutting-edge research, originality, and critical thinking.

University of plymouth programs
University of plymouth programs

These programs, designed for people who want to become more knowledgeable in literature, history, and visual arts, offer a forum for advanced study and interdisciplinary inquiry. Postgraduate students work with distinguished faculty members and other academics in a dynamic learning environment. The curriculum fosters a more excellent grasp of historical views and cultural settings by encouraging the development of novel ideas, critical analysis, and creative research. Postgraduate students at the University of Plymouth explore challenging subjects and add to the changing arts and humanities field with access to cutting-edge resources and facilities. Emphasis is placed on academic understanding as well as practical application, providing graduates with

List of University of Plymouth Arts & Humanities Postgraduate Programs

Course NameSpecializationDisciplineDegree LevelDuration YearsIntake MonthFee Per Year
Master of ActingActingArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,16500
Master of Creative WritingCreative WritingArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,16500
Master of Digital & Social Media MarketingDigital & Social Media MarketingArts & Humanitiesmasters1January,September,17500
Master of English LiteratureEnglish LiteratureArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,16500
Master of Environmental HumanitiesEnvironmental HumanitiesArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,16500
Master of Game DesignGame DesignArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,16500
Master of Heritage Theory & PracticeHeritage Theory & PracticeArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,16500
Master of HistoryHistoryArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,16500
Master of Maritime HistoryMaritime HistoryArts & Humanitiesmasters1January,September,16500
Master of MusicMusicArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,16500
Master of PhotographyPhotographyArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,16500
Master of Research in DanceDanceArts & Humanitiesmasters1.5September,17170
Master of Research in Theatre PerformanceTheatre PerformanceArts & Humanitiesmasters1.5September,17170
Master of Fine Art Fine ArtArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,16500
Master of Communication Design Communication DesignArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,16500
Master of Filmmaking FilmmakingArts & Humanitiesmasters1September,16500

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