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The University of Technology Sydney has a wide choice of Master’s programs, as well as a number of competitive scholarship possibilities to assist you in achieving your academic goals. A prestigious Master’s degree from the University of Technology Sydney can help you fuel your passion and advance your career.

University of Technology Sydney

UTS Grant for Masters by Coursework Students


This grant aims to entice internatinal students already living in Australia to enroll in UTS’s Sydney Master of Arts program through coursework.

Value$3,000 towards the first session tuition fees
DurationOne session


  1. A foreign student (rather than an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen, or a permanent Australian resident).
  2. Must be an international student after the census date for the term in which they receive the Grant.
  3. Starting full-time on campus (Sydney).
  4. Must meet all of the admission requirements for UTS’s Master by coursework program.
  5. have a Bachelor’s degree or higher qualification in Australia within the last year prior to starting at UTS, and must be admitted to UTS based on this qualification.
  6. You must not have received a UTS scholarship, grant, or the Alumni Advantage Program.
  7. Not a government-sponsored student.
  8. Must not be a student whose course at UTS is part of a package deal.

Selection process

Acceptance of the UTS course offer, along with the necessary deposit payment.

How to apply

When an international student applies for a Master’s by coursework program at UTS in Sydney and has completed a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Australia, UTS International will immediately consider them. No need further paperwork or application beyond the requirement for the coursework application.

Postgraduate Academic Excellence International Scholarship


To draw exceptional first-year international students to UTS Sydney’s postgraduate coursework program.

Value25% or 35% of UTS tuition fees
DurationStandard duration of the course


  1. Should not be a citizen of Australia and New Zealand. Must be a citizen of another country during the term of the Scholarship; an international student.
  2. Must complete all coursework requirements to be admitted to the selected Master’s program.
  3. Commencing studies at UTS full-time and on-campus

Must not:

  1. Attending a UTS online or remote learning program, or
  2. Have completed their coursework in Australia before enrolling at UTS.
  3. Throughout this scholarship, be a government-sponsored student and a beneficiary of additional grants, scholarships, or the UTS Alumni Advantage Program.

Selection process

MBA (C04018) applicants only: Academic merit on the GMAT exam or the most recent tertiary degree that UTS has acknowledged.

(Applicants for all other coursework programs besides MBA): Academic excellence in the most recent tertiary degree completed, as approved by UTS, for admission to the chosen UTS Master’s degree by coursework program.

How to apply

For this scholarship, UTS Future Learner Recruitment and Admissions will automatically consider all new overseas applicants for postgraduate coursework programs at UTS in Sydney. Aside from what is needed for the coursework application, there is only one scholarship application and one piece of supporting documents.

UTS Vice-Chancellor’s International Postgraduate Coursework Scholarship


This scholarship began to help deserving first-year international students at UTS in Sydney enroll in postgraduate coursework programs. International students who uphold the essential values of the university and show a dedication to social justice, entrepreneurship, innovation, and excellence will be eligible to apply for this award.

ValueUTS Tuition Fees
DurationStandard Duration of UTS Course


To be eligible for the scholarship, a candidate needs to:

  1. Be an overseas student (not a citizen of Australia, New Zealand, or Australia as a permanent residence)
  2. By the scholarship application deadline, fulfill all admission requirements for the chosen postgraduate coursework program and start full-time classes on campus (Sydney). 
  3. In-person and remote online learning are included in on-campus courses, except online and distance learning degrees.
  4. Possess an overall average of 90% with a pass mark of 50% or higher in a UTS-recognized bachelor’s degree
  5. Have completed a bachelor’s degree, equivalent to an Australian bachelor’s degree, no more than three (3) years before beginning at UTS and been admitted based on this qualification.
  6. All applicants must submit their applications online through the UTS Scholarship Application form to be eligible.

Must not:

  1. Be studying in an online or distance learning program at UTS
  2. Be a government-sponsored student; 
  3. For the term of this award, hold another UTS scholarship.

Selection process

In addition to the applicant’s answers to the questions in the UTS online scholarship application, the scholarship will be for the top-scoring applicant depending on academic merit in the academic qualification used as a foundation for admission into the chosen UTS postgraduate coursework program.

MBA Scholarship for Outstanding Students (Commencing)


This scholarship has the objective to draw highly capable postgraduate candidates to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at UTS.

Value$5,000 contributed towards tuition fee.
DurationOne (1) session.


A candidate needs to fulfill each of the following requirements in order to be eligible for the Scholarship:

  1. Must have fulfilled the prerequisites for admission to the UTS MBA program and finished a degree recognized by UTS
  2. Must be starting the UTS Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in the session that follows the scholarship selection (course code C04088)
  3. Be studying or plan to enroll in the aforementioned course for a minimum of 12 credits during the session in which the scholarship is given
  4. has completed their degree with a minimum Distinction average (75%) to be considered for  MBA admission.

Selection process

The selection of the candidate depends on:

  1. Academic excellence in the degree program that served as the foundation for admission to the UTS Master of Business Administration
  2. Motivation for enrolling in UTS’s MBA program, as stated in the scholarship application
  3. Your goals for the future and the present, as indicated in your scholarship application
  4. Leadership qualities and commitment in the community as demonstrated in the scholarship application

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