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Briercrest College, in the city of Caronport, Saskatchewan, Canada, is a Christian liberal arts institution. It has a reputation for its dedication to offering a Christ-centered education that blends religion and studies across a wide range of academic fields. Briercrest, which began in 1935, provides a variety of undergraduate degrees in disciplines such as arts, business, education, music, science, and more. The college places a high value on spiritual development and character development. Students can participate in chapel services, Bible classes, and other activities that support their religious journey. Briercrest’s community usually refers to as close-knit, with students, instructors, and staff forming deep ties. The college also benefits from its picturesque prairie setting, which provides a tranquil and favorable environment for learning and personal development. The institution’s commitment to academic quality, spiritual growth, and community participation distinguishes it as a one-of-a-kind destination for students seeking a well-rounded education with a Christian basis.

Briercrest College rankings

It is one of the famous Canadian colleges and ranks at #12564th position in world rankings. In addition, the continental ranking of this college is 3052nd. Moreover, it secures a high position with the 204th rank in the country ranking. Besides that, a good number of students get admission here with a 60% Briercrest College acceptance rate.

Briercrest College Programs

It provides a wide selection of programs that aims to equip students with an educational experience that combines religion, academics, and personal development. Many undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs are available at the College, including arts and humanities, business, education, science, and music. It also encompasses biblical and theological studies, counseling, global studies, and general studies. These programs foster critical thinking, communication skills, and a greater appreciation for human culture and philosophy. Furthermore, Briercrest College scholarships offer students from all over the world to get valuable degrees. Additionally, our website is providing complete information regarding Briercrest College fees.

Briercrest College Courses

1. Science
2. Chemistry
3. Physics
4. Environmental Science
5. Counselling
6. Music
7. Education
8. Educational Psychology
9. Business
10. Economics
11. Principles of Marketing
12. Financial Accounting
13. Arts and Humanities
14. English Literature
15. Biblical Studies and Theology

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Visa Fee

150C$ Visa Fee + Bio Metric 85$ = 235 C$

Funds/ bank statement requirements

10,000 C$ GIC on SDS Stream OR 4-6 Million last four months Bank Statement

Living Cost

700C$ - 1000C$ per month / 8400C$ - 12000C$ Per anum


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