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The esteemed ESSCA School of Management offers many business and management programs since its founding in 1909. ESSCA excels in top instruction, propelling students swiftly towards success in the business realm. With campuses in China (Shanghai), Hungary (Budapest), and France (Angers, Paris, Bordeaux), ESSCA offers its students a global education. The school takes great satisfaction in its dedication to academic quality, creative teaching strategies, and solid commercial relationships. These programs include specialized master’s degrees, executive education courses, and bachelor’s, master’s, and master’s in management (MiM) programs. Among the many topics covered by these programs are international business, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, and more.

ESSCA School of Management
ESSCA School of Management

ESSCA School of Management, a prominent business school in France, provides a cutting-edge range of undergraduate and graduate programs specially designed for the rapidly expanding life sciences industry life sciences industry. Students who complete these programs will thoroughly understand the business and management concepts required to succeed in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and healthcare sectors. Undergraduates specializing in life sciences for their Bachelor of International Management degree prepare better for the global business world by understanding the managerial abilities required in the life sciences industry.

ESSCA provides specialized master’s degrees at the postgraduate level that go further into the nuances of managing life sciences enterprises. These programs are primarily focused on innovation management, product development, regulatory affairs, and strategic marketing. The curriculum combines demanding academic studies with practical, advanced projects and internships to equip students with the theoretical understanding and practical skills needed to lead and innovate in this intricate and quickly changing profession. The faculty comprises seasoned academics and professionals who enhance the learning process with their wealth of experience and industry insights.

List of Life Sciences Programs

Undergraduate Programs

PecsBachelor of Science in DieteticsDieteticsLife Sciencesbachelors45800
PecsBachelor of BiologyBiologyLife Sciencesbachelors35000
SzegedBachelor of Agricultural Engineering in Animal ProductionAnimal ProductionLife Sciencesbachelors3.54000
SzegedBachelor of Agricultural Engineering in HorticultureHorticultureLife Sciencesbachelors3.54000
SzegedBachelor of Agricultural Engineering in Plant ProductionPlant ProductionLife Sciencesbachelors3.54000
DebrecenBachelor of BiologyBiologyLife Sciencesbachelors36500

Postgraduate Programs

BudapestMaster of Medical BiotechnologyMedical BiotechnologyLife Sciencesmasters26600
BudapestMaster of Medical Biotechnology in Applied BioinformaticsApplied BioinformaticsLife Sciencesmasters26600
BudapestMaster of Medical Biotechnology in Molecular BiotechnologyMolecular BiotechnologyLife Sciencesmasters26600
BudapestMaster of BiologyBiologyLife Sciencesmasters28380
BudapestMaster of Computational & Cognitive NeuroscienceComputational & Cognitive NeuroscienceLife Sciencesmasters22600
KaposvárMaster of Animal Nutrition & Feed Safety Animal Nutrition & Feed Safety Life Sciencesmasters25000
BudapestMaster of Agricultural Biotechnology in PlantAgricultural Biotechnology in PlantLife Sciencesmasters26000
GodolloMaster of Agricultural Biotechnology in Animal Or PlantAgricultural Biotechnology in Animal Or PlantLife Sciencesmasters26000
KaposvárMaster of Animal Nutrition & Feed SafetyAnimal Nutrition & Feed SafetyLife Sciencesmasters25000
KeszthelyMaster of Plant ProtectionPlant ProtectionLife Sciencesmasters26000
PecsMaster of Science in BiologyBiologyLife Sciencesmasters28000
SzegedMaster of BiologyBiologyLife Sciencesmasters26000
DebrecenMaster of Plant ProtectionPlant ProtectionLife Sciencesmasters27500
DebrecenMaster of BiologyBiologyLife Sciencesmasters27500
DebrecenMaster of Molecular BiologyMolecular BiologyLife Sciencesmasters28500
DebrecenMaster of Molecular Biology in Biochemistry GenomicsBiochemistry GenomicsLife Sciencesmasters28500

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