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Fake Documents for Your Visa

Fake Documents for Your Visa

Frauds and Fake Documents for the Visa Application

Frauds in the consultancy are common. These fraudulent like travel or study abroad agents, try to make you believe that they can offer you a visa for the UK, Australia, Canada, the USA.

They will try to make themselves seem very genuine and may use language that sounds official or false documents such as an Experience letter, Bank statement, & English language test certificate that looks real.

The embassy is clever enough to identify frauds. The embassies have advanced methods of identifying forgeries and this will result in refusal of your application if you use them. Countries welcome genuine visitors, students, and workers to the UK, Australia, Canada, the USA. They will, however, not tolerate abuse of the Visa system and They have a zero-tolerance of fraud. The High Commission has a very effective process for detecting fraud, when they uncover fraud, including false bank statements, education, and language certificates, they will refuse the visa and the applicant will face a 10-year ban journey to the UK or any other country.

We strongly advise anyone who wants a visa for the UK or any other country to not listen to an agent who offers to sell forged documents or say that they can guarantee a visa.

What an Agent Can Offer (Fake Documents)

  • Fake Documents required by the university or embassy
  • Fake Bank Statement
  • Fake Offer Letter
  • Fake Property Documents
  • Fake Degrees
  • Fake Passports or ID cards etc.

If the candidate takes action against such Frauds, the culprits threaten the candidate that they will submit the documents related to purchasing the certificate to the immigration or the applicant’s university in case of any legal charges. In this way, the candidates may be permanently placed on the blacklist of the immigration organizations or the university. And who in their right mind is willing to accept the risk of being blacklisted?

How fraudsters persuade candidates to buy the certificates or Bank Statement?

First of all, frauds ask victims to deposit the agreed price, or at least half of it, into their credit card, bank account, or cash. The trick is to present a credit card or a bank account to convince the candidates that everything is legitimate. Some candidates would think that the sellers would not provide a bank account number that the judicial authorities could easily follow if they were frauds.

But why frauds are willing to give away their bank account details so easily?

It’s quite simple, the fraudsters do not usually own these accounts, and in most cases, scammers buy these at a low price from third parties so that they won’t lead anyone back to them.

We strongly advise anyone who wishes to study abroad to check the requirements on the official websites and use genuine documents for their process to study abroad.

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