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Istanbul Aydin University, a private institution of higher learning, was established on May 18, 2007, in Istanbul, Turkey, as an expansion of its predecessor, the Anadolu BIL Vocational College, which had been operational since September 26, 2003. According to the QS World University Rankings 2023, it is rated #1001–1200. The Best Global Universities list has Istanbul Aydin University at position 631. Istanbul Aydin University received rankings in 19 academic subjects and placed 51st in Turkey and 2786th overall in the world in 2022. The university’s 62% acceptance rate makes admittance for overseas students highly tough.

Entry Requirements


High school diploma (a copy translated to Turkish or English) or High school transcript (a copy translated to Turkish or English 60 marks (min) in High School

International Baccalaureate grade of a minimum of 28 points

A-levels: AAA-AAB


Undergraduate diploma or bachelor’s degree (a copy translated to Turkish or English) A cumulative GPA of 2,5 (on a 4,0) or equivalent

English Language requirements


TOEFL: 79 points


TOEFL score – 66 points

Istanbul Aydin University fees

Arts Degree:  876.44 USD

Architecture   876.44 USD

Business Degree:  876.44 USD

Engineering Degree:  4.850 USD

Education 876.44 USD

Health Sciences 876.44 USD

Law 876.44 USD

Nursing: 4.500 USD

Psychology: 1274.82 USD

Science Degree: 876.44 USD


Architecture 6900 $

Business Degree:   6900 $

Engineering Degree:   6900 $

Project management:  6900 $


The applications for the Fall Intake will be open from 15th March to 30th September every year.

Final registration will start at the beginning of June every year.
Spring semester applications will be open from 1st November to 28th February every year. Final registration will start in December every year

Living cost

The average cost of living in Istanbul, including room and board amounts to 150-600 Euros per month depending on the type of accommodation

Istanbul Aydin University scholarships

Undergraduate / Postgraduate

Istanbul Aydin University gives out unrequited scholarships to the needy, successful, registered, and active international students of the university who has at least 2 terms of GPA record. In order to receive the scholarship, they do not only look at the student’s academic achievements but also at the student’s participation in social and cultural activities.

Note: This scholarship program is not for prospective and unregistered students.

Applications can only be made through Applicants require to submit and upload the necessary documents to the application system.

Applications delivered by post, courier, or by hand will not be accepted.

In-course Scholarships are available to students currently registered at Istanbul Aydin University.

Application and Evaluation Conditions

1) Achievement Scholarships, are given to studying successful students of Associate’s, Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctorate degrees of IAU, who have completed at least 1 term and are registered students with transcripts.

2) Students whose Grade Point Average (GPA) is below 2.50 cannot apply for the scholarships.

3) The scholarship application is evaluated based on a scale of 100.

Transcript; A GPA of 2.50 is 25 points, and a GPA of 4.00 is 40 points.

Documents Required for Scholarship Application

  1. Fill in the Scholarship Application form by adding your passport photo and upload it to the system,
  2. Upload The reference letter provided by the academician (at least 1)
  3. Upload your Certificates and/or documents proving your attendance at the Social and Cultural Activities
  4. Upload your Grade Point Average (GPA) (Transcript)
  5. Write and upload your Cover Letter

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